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Course: How to Start and Run a Startup

Over the years, we have interviewed hundreds of founders and learned a tremendous amount from their work, journey, and insight into how to start and build a company. 

We are working on using that knowledge to develop a course on how to start and run a startup in Bangladesh. This is an early draft of that initiative. If you find this useful, please share your thoughts and suggestions 

Introduction: Interviews with founders on starting and running a startup

In depth: You can read more interviews here, here, here, and here


Idea validation and product market fit


Launch (coming soon)

  • Launch strategy 
  • PR and communication 
  • Pre-order and other ideas 


People and leadership 

Self leadership 

Help us to get better: 

This content is under development. We plan to update it on a monthly basis. If you find this useful, we would love to listen from you. Please send your feedback: info@futurestartup.com 


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