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Alibaba Group Holding, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has reached a deal to acquire Bangladeshi on-demand food delivery service HungryNaki via e-commerce company Daraz Group for about $1 million, according to several media reports. Future Startup could not independently verify details of the deal. Alibaba has been in talks to buy HungryNaki for the last few […]
Uber, one of the largest gig-economy firms, is an American company known mainly for its ride-sharing service. Besides ride-sharing, Uber provides several other services including food delivery (Uber Eats), courier, and freight transportation in many parts of the world. A snowstorm that took place in Paris, in December 2009, making it hard for people to […]
Ridmik Keyboard is a popular Bangla language keyboard widely used by millions of Bangla-speaking population online. Shamim Hasnath Founder and CEO of Ridmik Labs, Ridmik Keyboard was launched in 2012 as a personal project.
On Monday last week on its “Stream On” event for its creators and partners, Spotify has announced a major expansion in 85 new markets including Bangladesh and a new advertising marketplace called “Spotify Audience Network” combining all of the audio streaming giant's music and podcast advertisement inventory in one place.
Zingo is a Dhaka-based re-commerce company that has successfully built a second-hand smartphone marketplace and runs several relevant services around smartphones such as repairing, refurbishing smartphones, smartphone exchange programs, etc. Founded in 2017 as Humpty Dumpty, later rebranded to Zingo, and run by a small team of tenacious people, the company has not only experienced […]
On Confidence by The School of Life is a wonderful small book for anyone suffering from a little lack of confidence, suffering from so-called imposter syndrome, and are in need of a little upliftment in their esteem
Daraz continues to invest aggressively in the Bangladesh market. In order to understand the ecommerce landscape in Bangladesh, it is important to understand Daraz and its ambition going forward. In this dossier, we aim to offer you an in-depth understanding of Daraz, how it operates, many aspects of its business, and its ambition going forward.
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