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Parvez Akhter is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of ThemeXpert and ThriveDesk. Mr. Parvez is a serial entrepreneur. A self-taught programmer, he founded his first company when he was in college along with three of his friends.
Endure is a memoir by Cameron Hanes about his bowhunting to success journey. It can equally be called a motivational manifesto on the importance of training hard, embracing pain, and friendship, finding your tribe, the importance of family, going the extra mile for your passion, pushing boundaries, and giving a little more each day in pursuit of passion and dreams. Cameron’s book is more on the practical side of doing the hard work.
These are some of the many distractions that founders face. The defining nature of all these distractions is that they give you a false sense of progress. You feel like you are doing something important and moving forward but in reality, you are not. This is precisely why these distractions are fatal.  
With the launch of its digital wallet service TallyPay, digital platform TallyKhata for small businesses is aiming big. The company previously teased its ambition in a pilot program to get into financing through partnerships with banks and financial organizations. It now looks to get real about that ambition. The company says the pilot outcome has been satisfactory and is now working to expand the product. 
Khondoker Tasfin Alam is Chief Operating Officer of Daraz Bangladesh and Managing Director of HungryNaki. Prior to joining Daraz Bangladesh, Mr. Alam worked for some of the leading telecom operators in Bangladesh and spent years working in the telecom industry across markets in Europe and the Middle East. Initially trained as an engineer, he later studied business at London Business School and IBA, Dhaka University.
Sadia Haque is the Co-founder and CEO of ShareTrip. ShareTrip is one of the earliest and most important players in Bangladesh's travel industry. Starting as an offline travel services company, ShareTrip has gone through several metamorphoses over the past years and transformed itself into the leading OTA in the country, while also helping transform the entire travel scene in Bangladesh. 
Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Society | 6 September 2022 | No. 47 Hi everyone, I need your support because I think FS Community is the best place to find people to work with for us. I'm hiring a few interns to work with me at FS. It is a paid program and we are remote-friendly with […]
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