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Bootstrapping usually means building a company from scratch with no external investment or financial support. Instead, these companies rely on paid customers to fund and grow their businesses.  Bootstrapping founders usually start with their own savings and mostly rely on self-financing, hard work, and luck to succeed. The predominant strategy bootstrapped companies take is quickly […]
In the realm of business, these hurdles include self-doubt, the struggle to create an appealing product, overconfidence without tangible results, impatience, and waning motivation when progress stalls. Ultimately, there's a likelihood of reverting to the familiar confines of a cubicle, feigning enthusiasm for working for someone else.
Hi there: I'm Ruhul and this is Future Startup Weekly, a newsletter about entrepreneurship, expertise, and doing good work. You can read past issues here and subscribe here. At FS, we are on a mission to help create a more entrepreneurial world, empowering people to seek and apply their agency. Thank you for joining us […]
I recently went to a shop near my house to buy a pen. The shopkeeper seemed unusually gloomy. I tried to start a conversation, but I could sense he was not interested. This has been my consistent experience for quite some time. People seem disinterested in their tasks. When I go to the bank, my […]
In a milestone for Bangladesh's growing startup ecosystem, serial entrepreneur and prominent angel investor M Asif Rahman has announced a lucrative exit from Apploye Inc., one of the country's leading SaaS startups. While the parties didn’t disclose the details of the exit, our conversation with the people with information about the deal suggests that it […]
Astha IT, Bangladesh's leading tech company, has secured a multi-million dollar investment from Fakir Fashion Limited, a prominent market leader in the country's RMG industry. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation across various sectors globally. The partnership was formalized through a signing ceremony […]
The Forty Rules of Love is a beautifully crafted novel that weaves together two parallel narratives: one set in the contemporary world and the other in the 13th century. This intricate storytelling offers a rich exploration of love, spirituality, and personal transformation. The novel's modern narrative follows Ella Rubinstein, a discontented housewife in her forties, […]
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