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In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, separating hype from reality can sometimes be a challenging task. Yet, as AI continues to reshape industries at a breakneck pace, understanding its real-world applications and future trajectory becomes crucial for businesses and professionals aiming to stay ahead. It was against this context that Sigma Computing recently […]
Startups are hard. You can tell how hard it is to make a startup work simply by looking at the average failure rate. Success in startups depends on many things: the right problem and team, market timing, resources, execution, and so on. Similarly, startups fail for many different reasons, think the opposite of the reasons […]
BVCL invests Tk 2.5 crore in Chaldal and Sokrio  Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (BVCL) announced on 25th June that it has invested TK 2.5 crore in two Bangladeshi startups: Chaldal and Sokrio.  Why it matters: The investment signals growing support for Bangladesh's startup ecosystem and could encourage more local venture capital activity. By the numbers: […]
This week’s FS Weekly features:  Feeling Nostalgic for the Lost Taste of Real Rice? Rediscover it with Khaas Whole Grain Rice. Give it a Try Today! Learn More. On to the updates  The Art of Enterprise Waseem Alim: Chaldal’s Strategic Direction, Navigating Tough Times, and Underrated Insights Into Startup and Ecommerce Gain invaluable insights into Chaldal's […]
The habits and practices embedded in these teams are the cornerstone of their effectiveness. From communication strategies to cultivating a supportive culture, the habits of effective teams shape their ability to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve shared goals.
In an interesting strategic twist, Bangladesh's burgeoning online businesses are increasingly setting foot in the physical world.  From e-commerce giants to edtech innovators to agri-tech players to digital healthcare companies, a growing cohort of digital-native companies is opening offline experience centers and service delivery hubs. This trend, which began with pioneers like Khaas Food and […]
A growing number of agritech startups, once content to solve isolated problems in the agricultural value chain, are now setting their sights on a more ambitious goal: to become end-to-end platforms that address multiple pain points for farmers and other stakeholders in the sector, finds a new whitepaper titled The Future of AgriTech in Bangladesh, […]
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