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BRAC Bank, one of the leading private banks in the country, announced Thursday that it is turning its digital banking app Astha into a super app.  The company introduced a new iteration of the app and added a bunch of diverse features under the name Astha lifestyle that includes video and music streaming, online learning, […]
Faym Bappi is the co-founder and CEO of HypeScout, Bangladesh’s first influencer marketing platform that is now plotting to go regional. We recently had an opportunity to speak with Faym about all things HypeScout, influencer marketing, and startups.
One common challenge successful companies suffer from is the threat of cannibalization. It is one of the outcomes of the innovator’s dilemma.  Innovator’s dilemma happens when a good business overlooks apparent smaller but potentially disruptive opportunities in favor of its existing high-margin business.  This can happen in two ways.  One, it can happen because the […]
I find agri-tech a bit of a misnomer because it does not tell the full story and sometimes misrepresents the extent of the work a company does. It is almost like calling yourself a retail-tech company when you are basically a retail shop that uses accounting software Tally to manage your finances.  Misnomer aside, a […]
Information technology company SystemEye Technologies Limited has launched an integrated services platform to provide comprehensive technology solutions to small and medium enterprises and startups in Bangladesh. The company announced the launch of these services at a press conference at a hotel in the capital’s Kawran Bazar, Dhaka on Thursday.  The company said it has launched […]
We’re seeing a shift in the internet company landscape in Bangladesh. A new wave of vertical players is gaining momentum. Food delivery. Grocery. Gadgets and electronics. Rides. Education. Beauty. Supply chain. Online pharmacy. Travel.  If you look at the trend over the last several years, companies are increasingly going vertical and investors are showing more […]
ChatGPT is unlikely to unseat Google search but its rise shows why it is so hard for successful incumbents to create disruptive innovation or innovation outside of their winning business. Because successful incumbents are good businesses and they make rational decisions. Success has a lot to lose and the innovator's dilemma is everywhere. There has […]
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