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When the business strategies of successful companies are analyzed it can be seen that different companies have different strategies and approaches depending on various factors including the sector, stakeholders, competitors, market, etc.  What has worked for one may not work for another. But there are some commonly used strategies that startups across verticals used to […]
Truck Lagbe released a new version of its app on the Google Play Store a few months ago. An iOS version is in making to be released soon. The new app is a significant leap from its earlier version and comes with rich features and useful innovations.   “The new version, which we launched in November […]
YGAP Bangladesh, the largest impact accelerator program in Bangladesh that operates under a partnership between Build Bangladesh and YGAP Australia, has been awarded the “Best Incubator/Accelerator Program of South Asia” in the SAARC Startup Awards 2020 on March 10th, 2021.  SAARC Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, which focuses on celebrating the spirit […]
In this excellent conversation with Future Startup’s Ruhul Kader, Pickaboo CEO Morin Talukder, shares about the latest developments at the leading omnichannel company post our conversation about a year ago and its recent strategic changes. We cover Pickaboo’s omnichannel strategy, retail expansion, evolving operation and business model, expansion, strategic ambition, and growth plans and priorities for 2021.
Accelerating Asia, the Singapore-based international accelerator VC for pre-Series A startups, has unveiled its fourth cohort of startups today, deepening its presence in the region.  The 11 new portfolio companies cover ten verticals and include companies from Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. New industry verticals include property, online dating, and marketing/advertising.  Bangladeshi startups have been […]
Accelerating Asia, an international accelerator VC for pre-Series A startups, has unveiled its fourth cohort, deepening its presence in the region.  The 11 high-growth startups from Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have raised over S$6 million coming into the program.  Since 2018 Accelerating Asia has worked with more than 70 founders from 36 startups in the […]
Over the last decades, the internet, an open medium that empowers consumers, has changed how advertising works. Consumers today have greater freedom in what they want to watch and attend to. On youtube, it is easy to skip an ad and a video if one doesn't like it. Distractions abound. The attention span of average […]
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