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In growth hack language it is called high tempo testing. In simple, you can call it trying things out.
Fahim Salam is the founder and CEO of Nuport, a Dhaka-based full-stack supply chain automation company. Nuport enables manufacturers, distributors, and eCommerce companies to automate their supply chain operations.
Bangladesh's egg supply chain is a dynamic arena. As online grocery shopping continues to rise, so too does the industry's determination to overcome associated challenges. The commitment of Chaldal and its collaborators to ensure a robust and fresh egg supply chain underscores the industry's adaptability and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.
Managing pressure well, interview ISHO Founder, the innovator’s dilemma, and digital bank hype and benefits of building with a long-term view 
The real challenges of building a company begin after product-market fit. Now you need to find a path to scale, get to more customers, build a distribution channel, and so on. This is where many startups lose their way. Instead of defining their most important priorities, they get distracted. 
Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (BYEAH), in collaboration with Youth Business International (YBI), has recently announced the launch of the Social and Green Impact Incubation Challenge (SGI2) 2023, a program designed to empower and propel early-stage social and green businesses in Bangladesh toward meaningful impact and growth.
One key idea is that while we often look for strategies tools and solutions to improve our productivity, sometimes, the real challenge can lie in our inability to get rid of some of our habits and tools. Sometimes subtraction can be far more effective a strategy to improve our productivity than adding more things.
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