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Sarjeena Maodud is the co-founder and CEO of Sheraspace, a tech-first home improvement services company based in Dhaka. Founded in 2019, Sheraspace offers a number of services related to interior design, including online interior design consultation, complete end-to-end interior design solutions, and custom furniture design for full interior design projects.  In this fascinating interview with […]
What kills a far greater number of startups than any other reason is simple productivity loss, not being able to do with sufficient efficiency, what needs to be done. This is precisely why everyone talks about execution over ideas. While we generally attribute startup failure to various reasons such as lack of product-market fit, bad […]
Angel investors, broadly speaking, are high net worth aka wealthy individuals who invest in a business at an early stage commonly known as pre-seed or seed funding rounds. If you are looking to raise external investment for your startup, angel investors come pretty early on.  Angel investors usually invest their own money in a company […]
Ellis Miller is the co-founder and Managing Director of CodeCrafters International, a Dhaka-based international technology development company. Founded in 2007 by Ellis and Lynita Miller, CodeCrafters provides customized software solutions to businesses in the USA and other parts of the world. The company maintains a development team in Dhaka, Bangladesh with a U.S.-based sales and […]
Ziauddin Chowdhury is the Country General Manager of Xiaomi Bangladesh. In this excellent interview with Future Startup, Mr. Ziauddin talks about his journey to what he is doing today, his work as the general country manager of Xiaomi Bangladesh, discusses the state of Xiaomi Bangladesh’s business, operational intricacies, its challenges, and ambition going forward, shares […]
Today, Crowdfundly, a cloud-based SAAS solution that allows users to create an online fundraising platform, and AuthLab, a Sylhet, Bangladesh-based digital products development company that owns ventures like WP Manage Ninja, a WordPress product company that creates and sells WordPress plugins for a global audience, have announced that they have entered into a new strategic […]
Maya, Bangladesh's leading healthtech startup — currently the no #1 health app on Google Play Store — has launched in Pakistan today. Using the Maya app, users can chat with a doctor, take video consultations, get diagnostic support, buy health products, and do much more. Today, Maya, a Bangladeshi-origin and Singapore-based digital healthcare company that […]
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