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In her third appearance on Future Startup Interview, Praava Health Founder and CEO Sylvana Quader Sinha joined Ruhul Kader to talk about all things healthcare in Bangladesh, Praava Health, the future of digital healthcare services, and organization building. They discuss Bangladesh’s healthcare system, the state of private investment in healthcare, what are the fundamental challenges of […]
The infinite runway and how to increase your chance of building a successful company. Why You Should Take a Long-Term View in Building Business. Anything meaningful takes a long time to build. Although it runs counter to our culture of immediacy and instant gratification, it is impossible to create something worthwhile without investing enough time.  […]
Dhaka-based agritech startup iFarmer originally started as an Uber for urban farming. The idea didn’t take long to fail. Six months in, iFarmer pivoted to launching a financial solution for farmers that would set the company on a different trajectory. Every idea goes through a life cycle and evolves that we often overlook when we are starting.
I just finished reading Viktor Frankl’s classic antidote to human despair, Man's Search for Meaning. It is a book that offers a potent balm to our growing social cynicism, an enduring evidence against the rising tide of individualism and a powerful argument for why our meaning comes from deeply and sincerely caring for others and the world.
When we choose growth, life is meaningful and we are happier. Our struggles become vehicles for our resilience and our sufferings become training for endurance.
In a strategic move that signals a paradigm shift in Bangladesh's fisheries and aquaculture sector, Seaqua, the Dhaka-based blue-tech startup, announced today that it has secured a USD 6-figure investment from influential Middle East investors.
A comprehensive and actionable review of Stephen R. Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Learn seven habits, each building upon the previous, to create a holistic approach to personal growth.
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