How To Fire Yourself As A Founder And Grow Your Business

Oct 3, 2020

The best thing you could do as a founder to grow your business is delegation. Growth is teamwork. Most importantly, if you have to spend all of your time in managing the operation and doing trifles, when would you think, strategize and think about the bigger picture? That’s why many successful entrepreneurs suggest that you have to continuously fire yourself as a founder from your current role and move to the next most important role.

Raisul Kabir, Founder, and CEO of Brain Station 23, has used this same strategy to grow Brain Station from a team of 3 people to a team of 185 people today. In an interview with FS published on February 3, 2019, we asked Mr. Raisul how has he grown Brain Station 23 to where it is today? His answer would surprise you.

When I started to trust people to this degree, two things happened: 1) they started to take ownership 2) and I became free and I could focus on other important things and expansion of the business.

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