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Chaldal To Launch Subscription Service

Chaldal is one of the fast growing and best startups in Dhaka in part because it has a growing regular user base and it is good at execution. Now, the startup is about to roll-out a new subscription service which will allow its users to pre-schedule their entire month of orders and get it delivered accordingly without having them place the order every time online or over the phone. The move is expected to help the startup with its growing base of recurring customers.

Chaldal Subscription
Chaldal Subscription | Screenshot

“The idea originally came from my co-founder Zia Ashraf. He needs around 10 liters of water every three day for which he has to go online and place an order every time. Then he asked why do I have to order every time, why can’t I order at once for an entire month. That’s when we thought about launching a subscription feature where people can conveniently schedule their regular weekly or monthly orders” says Waseem Alim of Chaldal. Now you can pre-schedule orders, say 5 liters of water every week on Saturday, and get it delivered. We have plans to tweak the feature as we go.”

This is a natural move for Chaldal. People need grocery items on a daily basis and most people usually know how much they need in a regular month or week. A subscription option should make it super easy for them to order at once and get rid of the daily hassle of ordering or buying things.

chaldal-subscription | screenshot
chaldal-subscription | screenshot

With the new subscription feature, Chaldal aims to make grocery shopping simple and extra convenient for its growing base of users. The startup has now more than 700 weekly buyers who largely depend on it for their grocery shopping, “our focus now is to best serve these people who take our service on a regular basis while making grocery shopping simple for new users,” says Waseem.

The new service will allow effortless, time-efficient, and convenient shopping for Chaldal users fuelling further growth of the company which now serves more than 650 orders a day and offers some useful value additions like one-hour delivery, free return, and competitive price.

Chaldal Subscription | screenshot
Chaldal Subscription | screenshot

Subscription is increasingly becoming a popular model of consumption globally. For instance, Amazon, the US-based ecommerce giant, has its own 'subscribe and save' model to encourage recurring purchase and it is also pushing its Prime subscription service in markets like US, UK and even in India with free shipping and other options for a monthly subscription fee. While Chaldal’s subscription feature is more of a subscribe and save than Amazon Prime but it is largely a similar strategic move to encourage regular shopping and as well to hook users with the service.

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