Some interesting statistics about that will blow your mind [infographic]

Apr 9, 2016

Amazon is huge. Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos is famous for his long-term thinking philosophy. But how big Amazon actually is? Let’s take a moment to check this infographic about the amazon statistics that are bound to leave you speechless.

  • We say that there are more men in the world than women, but at Amazon, more than 65% of the traffic consists of women.
  • Currently, Amazon has around 304 million activated accounts with users who shop almost regularly.
  • The number of visits your website gets in a day is much lesser than what Amazon gets in a minute. Yes, it’s 4310 visitors every minute.
  • Prime members of spend more than $1500 on an average per year.
  • Non-prime members are no less and they spend around $625 dollar per year.
  • Talk about sales and Amazon must be somewhere in the top 10. Well, they sold 489.5 million products in their fourth quarter of 2015. 
  • If you love to shop clothes, Amazon has around 30 million options for you on its website. What if you could enter this virtual world?
  • On the Black Friday e-commerce sales of 2015, Amazon held 35.7% of shares.
  • The outbound shipping cost by Amazon is much more than you can even imagine. Well, it is $1.54 billion every year.

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