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The Future Startup Dossier: bKash

There are not many companies like bKash in Bangladesh. The fin-tech leader is a master of execution. It has effectively scaled a product in a sector which is highly sensitive and strictly regulated and that too ahead of any of the incumbents of the sector.

In the process, it has effectively commoditized the idea of trust in banking products and made it easier for other fin-tech products to access the market.

In this dossier, we compile all of our coverage on bKash encompassing bKash’s product journey, strategies, operation, and growth, as well as interesting and in-depth coverages on the company from across the internet. The purpose of this dossier is to provide you an understanding of bKash today, its development over the years, and where the company is going in the coming years. 


bKash Updates: Bird Game, City Bank Digital Loan, Insurance, and bKash Super-app Followup

bKash continues to add new features to the bKash App gradually unfolding its potential scope and ambition. A number of recent updates suggest…

bKash Allows Sending Money to non bKash Users, Digital Product, and Growth

Mobile money giant bKash has announced a feature early this month allowing bKash account holders to send money to non-bKash users.  This...

bKash Integrates bdtickets, bKash SuperApp follow-up

If you are a bKash app user you should know that bKash sent a new update notification this morning. If you pay attention to the update description...

bKash Adds Train Ticket, bKash And SuperApp

bKash has added a new service to its app - you can now directly buy a train ticket from bKash app without leaving the app. A development with...

How Garment Workers Salary Processing Is A Critical Move For bKash’s Digital Payment Play

350,000. That’s the number of garments workers use bKash to collect their wages. 260. That’s the number of factories that now use bKash to...

The MFS Service Charge Question, bKash And Remittance Conundrum

Let’s keep whether a higher charge is disadvantageous to the users or hamper overall growth beside the point and instead think what is the motivation...

Alibaba’s Ant Financial Invests In bKash, Alibaba’s Ambition, And bKash’s Upside

Ant Financial Services Group, an Alibaba Group affiliate, will take a 20 percent stake in bKash as part of strategic investment at an undisclosed...

bKash Opens Registration For bKash App, bKash’s Digital Payment Push Comes Full Circle

bKash has been working on its app for months now. An earlier report by Future Startup mentioned that bKash has been preparing to launch its app in…

Culture At bKash and The Future Of HR and Work in Bangladesh: An Interview With Mohammed Ferdous Yusuf, Chief Human Resources Officer, bKash

Mohammed Ferdous Yusuf is the Chief Of Human Resources Officer at bKash, one of the most important fin-tech companies in the country. Mr. Ferdous...

The State Of Consumer Technology In Bangladesh At The End of 2017 (Part 01): Unlike many developed markets, our consumer technology revolution has highly been reliant on mobile.

bKash’s Relentless Push To Get Into Digital Payments Market: It is impossible to overstate the importance of bKash's growth in digital payments for its long-term success.

Alibaba Has Been Holding Talks To Invest In bKash

Alibaba, the Chinese eCommerce giants, has reportedly been holding talks to invest in bKash, reports the Daily Samakal citing sources “aware...

Brac Bank Reports Sharp Growth In Profit, bKash’s Contribution Continues To Grow

Brac Bank, the SME-focused private bank of the country, has reported a robust 72 percent growth in year-on-year profit in the third quarter of...

Top Mobile Money Services In Bangladesh By Market Share

Bangladesh has seen an unprecedented growth of mobile banking services in the past few years. The first mobile money service, bKash, launched...

The Rise Of Mobile Money Services

The first mobile money service, bKash, launched in the country in 2011. It did not take much time to grow. Today, Bangladesh accounts for more...

Inside bKash’s Big Move To Make Remittance Transfer Into Your Mobile Phones A Reality

Yesterday, bKash, the second largest mobile-money giant in the world, made a big announcement: bKash account holders can now receive international...

Mobile Banking, bKash, And Future Of Mobile Financial Services

A recent report published by the USAID said, mobile money transfer is on the rise in the country. Since its launch in 2011, the mobile banking sector…

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