bKash Adds Train Ticket, bKash And SuperApp

bKash has added a new service to its app – you can now directly buy a train ticket from bKash app without leaving the app. A development with many meanings.

The process is simple – download the bKash app, go to the ticket option, click on the icon, choose train ticket, give your details, make the payment, you are done and ready to go wherever is your destination. 

A development with many meanings. This is an intriguing development that has indications for what bKash could pursue in the coming years. It is very well possible for bKash to bring all types of ticketing services on to its app and it could easily happen with many other services. 

In fact, at the risk of being a little speculative, the scale of bKash and its rapid rise in the digital payment space makes it the only viable candidate in Dhaka’s tech ecosystem to become a superApp. 

bKash as a superApp. If you pay attention, bKash has already done some work in this direction.

If you consider a Superapp, there are certain conditions that enable a digital platform to pursue such an ambition. 

One, a large enough user base that uses your product daily and you have a direct relationship with your users- demand aggregation. 

Two, an underlying infrastructure that connects one service with others – the necessary condition for selling one more service using the same infrastructure and at zero marginal cost. 

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