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These Are The 03 Bangladeshi Video Streaming Startups You Should Know About

Video-streaming giant Netflix just announced its global launch, including Bangladesh. And It has received quite unexpected amount of attention from Bangladeshi internet users. However, as it seems from outside things are not going to be easy for Netflix in many markets including Bangladesh. There are competitors in almost all of these markets and the demand is largely for local content. 

In Bangladesh, there are at least 3 startups working in the space and all of these startups are trying to become the Netflix of Bangladesh. With the launch of Netflix in Bangladesh, the space is going to be interesting one to see unfold in coming days. Here are the 03 Bangladeshi startups trying their hands in video streaming. 

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3rdBell is one of the Bangladesh’s fastest growing video streaming sites in Dhaka. Started early 2014, 3rdBell recently raised an undisclosed amount from few local investors.

The platform hosts and creates its own original content related to drama, music, sports, lifestyle and more, along with a large array of syndicated content that are accessible to the members on the site at all times.

Currently, the company is offering a free one-year subscription for unrestricted access to all of its online content. By ensuring all its content is available to be viewed on the site anytime from anywhere, 3rdBell.com is making viewing convenient and reaching a different audience base that traditional media platforms generally can’t reach.

SimilarWeb data: According to SimilarWeb the platform had 75K users in December, 2015.

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Popcorn Live
Founder by Famed Filmmaker and Producer Redoan Rony, Popocorn Live started test transmission on December 15, 2014 and fully launched the platform on June 1, 2015.

The platform is free upon signup and you can watch latest Bangla Movies, Tv Dramas & Serials, TV Series, Tv Shows, Music Videos etc.

SimilarWeb data: According to Similarweb, the platform had around 9k users in December, 2015.

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Founded by Ahad Bhai and Navidul Haq, BongoBD is an online video streaming platform for premium Bangladeshi content.

The platform claims to have over 30,000 full movies, dramas, TV shows, music videos and songs. One can access the platform through website, or mobile apps. While the platform plans to produce its own original content, it is also acquiring licenses of contents of popular labels.

Currently, BongoBD is free, you can watch as many video as you wish for free, but the platform plans to launch a premium service in the near future.

Users will have unlimited access to ad-free content for a small subscription fee. At the same time, it aims to keep the free things on and people will still be able to stream content for free but there will be display of advertisements.

SimilarWeb Data: According to SimilarWeb, the platform had 9K users in December, 2015.

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