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On-Demand Entertainment Industry In Bangladesh And 3rdBell.com

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The important role of technology in our lives today is a debate that has been settled a while ago. Although we are now entering an era where the idea of technology cleanses are becoming just as popular as body detox cleanses. The evolution of human learning, cultures and perceptions because of technological advances, remain an undisputable fact.

In the last decade, our world has shrunk, our horizons have broadened, entrepreneurship has been simplified and knowledge democratized; all because of innovation in information and communication technology. It has even provided us with creative ways to occupy our free time, as entertainment has been reimagined and reshaped for the electronics reliant generation. But reinventing the way the world enjoys entertainment was not a one step process. In fact, it’s a constantly changing scenario. The concept of reading a book on a tablet or watching a movie on a website were not habits that were embraced by people overnight. However, once people’s perception shifted there was no going back. As new devices and platforms are invented or updated every year, the need for seamless cross-platform transference plays an important role in the success of the new device or platform.

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Bangladesh is also staying afoot with this transformation. Increase in smart phone consumers and internet penetration in the country mean more people are joining the digital revolution. As young Bangladeshis rely more and more on technology for both information and fun, rise in quality content indicates the transition of traditional media to a digital industry. High speed internet now allows people to enjoy better resolution videos online and the demand for online entertainment is growing rapidly. Recognizing Bangladesh’s need for quality local entertainment, a startup company called 3rdBell.com has created the country’s first on-demand digital entertainment site.

3rdBell.com is essentially an alternative media platform that hosts and creates its own original content related to drama, music, sports, lifestyle and more, along with a large array of syndicated content that are accessible to the members on the site at all times. Currently the company is offering a free one-year subscription for unrestricted access to all of its online content. By ensuring all its content is available to be viewed on the site anytime from anywhere, 3rdBell.com is making viewing convenient and reaching a different audience base that traditional media platforms generally can’t reach. The company, which has the fastest growing Facebook page in Bangladesh, has also recently launched the country’s first online mega serial “Sign up” as part of their original content line up.

3rdBell.com represents the shift to a digitized entertainment industry. By putting the audience in control of what to watch, on what device to watch it on and when to watch it, the company is staying true to the essence of a globally connected digital world. 3rdBell.com is changing the way online content is created and viewed, thus changing the entertainment landscape of Bangladesh forever.

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Farzana Kabir is a Communication and PR Consultant.

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