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Year in Review 2020: 20 Things That Made Our Year at Future Startup

We are beginning a new tradition at FS this year: making a list of things that made our past year. It is always useful to look back to our days and ponder where the days went. This is for 2020. Enjoy!  

1. [email protected]

2. Course: Bangladesh New Mobility and Ride-hailing Industry 101

3. Possible If You Want: 9 Successful Bangladeshi Tech Entrepreneurs on the Transformational Power of Internet

4. Brief launched: Bit-sized analysis of daily news. 

5. Future Research was launched. 

6. FS Weekly newsletter has swelled to 18000+ subscribers. Subscribe here. 

7. Future Startup Essentials: Founding Stories of 30+ Bangladeshi Startups

8. Life’s Work Interview Series Collection: 13 Interviews to Help You Reflect on Your Life and Work

9. Course: How to Start and Run a Startup

10. The Art of Building the Future: 06 Fascinating Founder Interviews on Entrepreneurship and Life

11. Growing-up 

12. Experimental podcast 

13. Books

14. Brand Stories we loved doing and our readers loved reading 

15. How I Created This

16. Insight 

17. Future Learn

18. 100+ Startups We’re Watching In 2020

19. Resolutions and Building Enterprises: Lessons From 7 Founders For A Better 2020

20. What To Work On In 2020s

21. Dossier


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