Future Startup Weekly: 05 Entrepreneurship and Tech Reads

As coronavirus pandemic ravages through Bangladesh and much of the world, a growing number of people, who never shopped online before, are shopping online. This shift in consumer behavior is causing wide ranging changes. In a recent move, the Bangladesh government has announced a significant change in the National Digital Commerce (Amended) Policy-2020. The new policy now allows 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in the ecommerce sector in Bangladesh, dropping the previous condition of a joint venture with local companies. We take a critical look into the development. 

In other development, Iflix ended its operation in Bangladesh owing to its recent acquisition by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. Iflix shut down is hard to see independently for Bangladesh market realities, but there are nuances in the video streaming market in Bangladesh that many people are missing. We explain the market realities of video streaming in the context of Bangladesh. Aziz Arman of Jatri explains why the bus and large vehicle sharing is the solution to publication transportation owes in the developing market. 

In the Founder at Work interview series, we interview Shuttle founder Reyasat Chowdhury. In the brand story, we illustrate Bohubrihi’s unique approach to online education in Bangladesh. In briefs, Gaze raises new investment. Enjoy. 

1. Bangladesh Government Allows 100 Percent Foreign Investment in eCommerce Sector, Technology Policy in Bangladesh and Realities of Regulations

The Bangladesh government has announced permitting 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in the ecommerce sector in Bangladesh, dropping the previous condition of a joint venture with local companies. The new rule will enable global entities such as Amazon or Walmart to launch their own entities, or invest and own a 100 percent stake in local ecommerce entities in Bangladesh. 

2. Iflix Ends Bangladesh Operation, and Into the Nuances of Video Streaming Narrative
Online video streaming has taken over our life. The ubiquity of handheld devices, access to the internet, consistent push from platforms like Google, Facebook, and digital media platforms, video consumption has shot up in the last decade. Today’s entertainment can be defined by: endless choices, global, and online. TV has long been transformed – in […]
3. Aziz Arman: The Developing World’s Public Transport Crisis and the Rise of Tech-Enabled Transportation Servıces
Could bus-sharing be the solution to Bangladesh’s urban congestion? With the promise of reducing the number of vehicles on the road and overcoming the chronic shortage of state-run buses, bus-sharing services are rapidly gaining traction in fast-growing cities. Affordable public transportation is critical for urban development anywhere. Especially for most of the low-salary populace living […]

4. Founder at Work: An Interview With Reyasat Chowdhury, Founder and CEO, Shuttle
Reyasat Chowdhury is the founder and CEO of Shuttle, a Dhaka-based transportation service startup that provides “safe transportation at an affordable fare by moving more people with fewer vehicles with the help of technology’. Originally started as a safe transportation solution for women in Dhaka, the company has since expanded its service adding more routes […]

5. Bohubrihi’s Unique and Collaborative Approach to Outcome-focused Online Courses
We all pretty much know about the limitations of traditional offline training in Bangladesh. It is also common knowledge of how online learning platforms are aiming to solve those particular issues to strive forward. eLearning in general is not new to our growing community of ambitious youth and professionals. But having quality material to learn from […]

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