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FS Weekly Review #40: Top 09 Tech And Startup Stories Of The Week

01. Future Startup’s Top 10 Social Media Hits of 2019
Future Startup’s top social media hit stories of the year include profiles of people doing meaningful work, features on some of the most interesting tech companies in Dhaka, critical looks into some of the tech startups and strategies. These stories did extremely well across social media platforms:  10. How To Build A Profitable Tech Product […]

02. Truck Lagbe Consumer Solutions: Home-shifting Made Simple and Affordable
For most urban citizens, home shifting is an unpleasant necessity. While most people would like to avoid it, unfortunately, it has become a part of our urban lives that can’t be done away with. Regardless of whether you like it or not, there will be days you would need to manage a home-shifting.  People dislike […]

03. Consumer Tech Startups In Dhaka Remain Limited In Scale, Mostly Serve Urban Upper Middle Class
A significant percentage of Dhaka’s consumer tech startups are basically urban services. Many of these services, at their current form, have no or limited market outside major urban hubs such as Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet and probably Cox’s Bazar.  More importantly, many of these services don’t cater to all the urban population. They serve only […]

04. How Styline is Building the #FashionTech Company Where You Would Love to Work
Since Marc Andreessen penned his famous “Why Software Is Eating the World” essay in The Wall Street Journal 8 years ago, the world of business has changed fundamentally. Today, the idea that every company needs to become a technology company is considered almost a cliché. No matter your industry, you’re expected to be reimagining your […]

05. How Marketing Works In the Travel Industry In Bangladesh With Abdul Goni Mehedi, Chief Marketing Officer, Flight Expert
The advertising industry is going through a major shift globally. We are seeing, for the first time in decades, the great unbundling of TV and relentless pursuit of TV ad dollars by major social media networks, slow death of advertising as we know it, a handful of alternatives to banner ads and more.  The Bangladesh […]

06. How Do You Define ‘Traction’ For A Start-up?
I've always liked Naval Ravikant's basic definition: 'Quantitative evidence of market demand.' Traction is proof that somebody wants your product. Ideally, it should communicate momentum in market adoption.

07. Startups: How To Communicate Traction To Investors
In the last year, I've seen thousands of startup pitches while working with the AngelList crew, coached 100+ founders on how to communicate their product, traction, and team, and worked with startups in fine institutions like 500 Startups, AngelPad and Bootup. I've also dissected 500+ emails from a recent seed round fundraising to map investor response. Here's what I've learned.

08. Building An Online Tutor Marketplace In Bangladesh: An Interview With Salman Goni, Founder and CEO, Yoda Technologies Ltd
Founder and CEO of Yoda Technologies, Salman Goni, reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, talks about how Yoda Technologies came into being and his path to building an online tutor marketplace in Bangladesh.

09. 20 Best Marketing Books to Read in 2020
With high expectations and lots of promises – 2020 is almost here! It’s time we start making resolutions in an attempt to live life to the fullest.  To build a better future together – we need to join hands, share more knowledge and help each other in any way we can. Hence, I want to […]

10. FS Weekly Review #39: Top 5 Tech And Startup Stories of The Week
Timeless Lessons From Polaroid Founder Edwin Land on Entrepreneurship Timeless lessons from Edwin Land on Ingenuity, Entrepreneurship, and invention 2. Building A Peer to Peer Shipping Platform With Rayan Rahman, Co-Founder and CEO, Airposted Co-founder and CEO of Airposted, Rayan Rahman, reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, talks about Airposted, how Airposted came into being, […]

Ayrin Saleha Ria works at Future Startup as a full-time Research Associate. She has a background in Applied Sociology. Before joining the FS team, she worked and volunteered with a number of social organizations. As someone who comes from a social science background, she takes a deep interest in research around important social-economic challenges in our society. A voracious reader, Ayrin is passionate about working for the betterment of society, takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science, and loves books.

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