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How Truck Lagbe Has Made Home-shifting Simple and Affordable

With Truck Lagbe Consumer Solutions, Truck Lagbe takes on home-shifting service

For most urban citizens, home shifting is an unpleasant necessity. While most people would like to avoid it, unfortunately, it has become a part of our urban lives that can’t be done away with. Regardless of whether you like it or not, there will be days you would need to manage a home-shifting. 

People dislike the experience of home-shifting for several reasons. Many people deem it an unnecessary hassle and a waste of valuable time that is forced upon them by some unknown tyranny. To add to that feeling, there are moving parts that one seldom can control such as hiring a truck and labor, ensuring safe shifting, ambiguous cost, and so on. The biggest challenge with home-shifting is that there is no structure to address the challenge. There are a lot of moving parts without a structure to put them together. 

There are many parts to home shifting. One, you need to organize your assets and materials, from bed to kitchen items to everything in between, before moving. Two, you need to prepare a smooth moving. Third, you need to organize your destination home or office in the case of office shifting such as fixing electric lines and so on to be able to start living or working there. 

Usually, what we humans do in the face of an incomprehensible challenge is we procrastinate. But in the case of home-shifting, procrastination is not an option. You have to move on the scheduled date. There is no other way to do it. So at the last moment, you go to a truck station and hire a truck and get it done away with in haste. In the process, most people spend more than what they actually need. They break things and accumulate one more bad home shifting experience. 

But home-shifting could be smooth if there is someone to whom you could outsource or delegate your entire home-shifting task. 

You make a call, ask for the price, pay and your home-shifting is done while you are enjoying your work or having a day off! 

The person you delegate it to takes care of hiring truck, labor, electrician, plumber and ensures a smooth delivery without causing any damage and you go to a ready home at the end of the day. 

This is exactly what Truck Lagbe promises to offer with its new consumer solutions product that includes home-shifting (other shifting) solutions. 

Truck Lagbe Home shifting works in a simple manner. You call Truck Lagbe home-shifting team a minimum 24 hours ahead of your scheduled shifting, give your details, get a price quote, pay an advance booking money, and you are all set for a smooth shifting without hassle on your scheduled day. 

From Truck Lagbe you could hire Truck, labor, electricians and plumbers, and a supervisor who would look after the entire home-shifting process. 

The origin of Truck Lagbe Home-shifting service 

Truck Lagbe started with a focus on B2B services. When it started operations, Home-shifting (and office-shifting) was not a service the company was eyeing to explore.

The strategy changed when Truck Lagbe entered the market and came to see the data that there is a lot of demand for shifting ultimately meaning an opportunity to serve the consumer better. 

 The market is the ultimate force that dictates decisions at every good company. 

“At Truck Lagbe, we prioritize the needs of our customers above everything else. From the inception, we are working to make the logistics industry more affordable and hassle-free,” says Andalib Hasan, who is the Vice President of Growth at Truck Lagbe. “The Shifting solution (House/office) was introduced when our data suggested the demand for this was very high from our consumers. Previously, users could hire a truck through our app for never before seen prices but arranging the labor was a different level of pain. So we saw this opportunity and built a team to soft launch the shifting process and it became a success. Right now, we are shifting a sizeable number of houses every month. What makes us different is that we provide shifting service all over Bangladesh as we have built the largest trucking network in the country over time. We understand that shifting a house is not only moving objects, but it's also about moving with memories and families. Keeping this in mind, we along with you make the journey as smooth as we can."

Truck Lagbe home-shifting service was formally launched in September this year. 

Today, along with home-shifting, Truck Lagbe provides all kinds of shifting - home, office, and everything in between. The company recently started promoting the service. 

More than your regular home-shifting solution 

The service has evolved over time. Today, it is no longer a mere home-shifting service. Along with basic home-shifting, the company has added other services such as labor, electricians, plumber, supervisor, etc. 

Now when you are booking a home-shifting service, if you need you could also add labor, electrician, and supervisor with it. Truck Lagbe works with truck owners and drivers to arrange labor service and coordinate the whole process. 

Truck Lagbe home-shifting service at a glance 

The basic service is simple. For shifting, you need trucks, you need labor, you need supervision, you probably need electricians and other services such as plumber to prepare your new home. 

  • From Truck Lagbe, you could hire a truck. You give your requirement details such as the size of the truck, time and date, pay a booking fee after price negotiation, and you can book a truck. 
  • In case, you don’t know what type of truck you would need, one ton, two-ton or a bigger truck, Truck Lagbe helps based on your information about the type and number of products that you need to shift. 
  • You could add labor to manage your shifting 
  • You could add electricians and plumbers if you require 
  • You could add a supervisor to monitor the entire shifting process 
  • Truck Lagbe provides the basic manner and conduct orientation to all its truck drivers, which means you get verified and trained truck drivers who would be mindful of your needs 
  • In order to use Truck Lagbe home shifting service, you have to book the service minimum 24 hours ago. You can also book the service 15 days, 7 days or one month ahead by paying advance booking money. 
  • Truck Lagbe customer service is always there in case of your needs and emergency 
  • Truck Lagbe ensures that you have a smooth shifting experience. The company has built an excellent process for ensuring smooth customer support

A fast-evolving service 

There is a huge demand for good home-shifting service in Dhaka. There are some services but most lack scale and quality. Generally, customer service is not a popular idea in Dhaka as of yet. Price is a challenge in many instances. 

The advantage Truck Lagbe has is that it is already the largest on-demand truck transportation company in Bangladesh. The company has the scale and coverage - Truck Lagbe home-shifting covers across Bangladesh. The company has built a strong customer support system that ensures an excellent experience for customers.

The company says it offers the best price for home-shifting ( and other shiftings) in the market. 

These advantages along with the pent-up demand in the market have helped Truck Lagbe Home-shifting service to experience exponential growth. 

“In the early days, the request was so high that we could not fulfill all the requests for many days. We have since improved the supply and developed a better understanding of the demand,” says Ms. Liza, who leads the Home-shifting team at Truck Lagbe. “Gradually, we also learned that there are many other needs when it comes to home-shifting. People need an electrician for fixing electrical things when you are in a new home. Sometimes people need specialized labor such as plumber and so on. We have been trying to figure out what other services we may add to the product.”

In the meantime, the company has introduced a supervisor service where if you think that you don't want to take any hassle of shifting home, you can ask Truck Lagbe to add a supervisor with your home-shifting package who would monitor the entire shifting process. Now along with truck and labor, if you require you could hire a supervisor for handling the entire shifting process. 

The company says it is working to bring all the specialized labor to the home-shifting package. 

The best service at an excellent price for your home-shifting 

Truck Large says it offers the best competitive price for home-shifting. The company claims inherent advantages such as having built the largest network of trucks and related services that enable it to have leverage over other competing services. 

“We usually tell our customers' almost right way how much it might cost,” says Ms. Liza. The company usually provides a price range before final confirmation such as in the case of long-range transportation such as Dhaka to Chittagong, it may cost between 10,000-12000. “In some instances when customers could not provide detailed information, for example, they don't know the date and time of shifting, we could not provide a price instantly.” 

Customers need to pay a 50% advance during the booking. The reason being this is a two-party transactional agreement and if a party backs out at the last moment, we would have to fill in the compensation. So we ask users to pay a small advance so that the trip does not get canceled. 

“We ensure that your shifting took place safely and efficiently,” says Ms. Liza. “Customers get a call after shifting and they confirm whether the shifting has been done smoothly or not.” 

When Truck Lagbe on-boards a truck driver or owner, it runs an orientation program for the drivers where they learn about manners and codes of conduct. The company says it ensures a better experience for customers which is not easily available outside of its network.  

How to avail Truck Lagbe home-shifting service

The company currently has a dedicated customer care number for the home-shifting package. You can book the service simply calling at 01939 100100 with the Truck Lagbe customer care service. You can find the details of the service here.

Once a customer calls, Truck Lagbe customer care tries to understand the need of the customer, takes his or her requirements, and arranges accordingly. 

“We literally don't want to make our consumers wait for a service so we have launched Shifting service through phone calls,” says Mr. Andalib. “To make it easier, we are working on bringing the service in-app so that it remains a click away.”

Truck Lage Consumer Solutions: Home-shifting made simple and affordable

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