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FS Weekly Review #33: Amarroom, Founding Story of BYLC, Analyzen, 07 Founder Interviews And More

November 2, 2019
How BYLC Was Created

BYLC started a small project in Chattogram with an ambition to bring together youth from diverse backgrounds, engage them in active citizenship and equip them with leadership skills so that they could make a difference in their personal lives as well as in the society. The project eventually took a formal organizational structure in 2008. […]

Building The Largest Domestic Travel Platform In Bangladesh: An Interview With Md. Imrul Hasan, Founder, and CEO, Amarroom 

Md. Imrul Hasan is the Founder and CEO of Amarroom, a Dhaka-based domestic market focused OTA that has been getting a lot of attention of late. Founded in 2017, Amarrom has grown meaningful over the past year into a leading domestic travel platform. The company says it has the largest collection of domestic hotels […]

How Analyzen Was Created: An Education In How To Be Relentlessly Resourceful

The story of Analyzen is a story of unbridled ingenuity, one after another. Let me give you an example. Ridwan Hafiz and his co-founder started the company while at BUET. In 2019, when they came out of BUET, they had already worked for a while on the business but it was not ready to accommodate […]

07 Powerful Founder Interviews Where They Shared Their Journey And Lessons In Building A Company

07 Powerful Founder Interviews Where They Shared Their Journey And What It Takes To Build A Company: Evaly, BeshiDeshi, UmiDigi, Easytrax, Mycash Online, RC Venture, Shohoz

Avijatrik Tourism Closes Seed Round, Aims To Build The Largest Local Tourism Marketplace In Bangladesh

Avijatrik Tourism, the online travel platform that has been building the Airbnb of Bangladesh, has closed a new seed round led by Paragon Group and a group of undisclosed angel investors. The company did not disclose details about the round but said it has raised north of 10 million Taka in this round.

Zero to Launch: The Backstory Of How Pathao Points Was Created

Pathao Points is a unique program that lets our customers earn points every time they use Pathao rides or Pathao Food, and unlock exclusive benefits along the way.

Ridwan Hafiz: Business Vs Relationship – My Takeaway From 2019

2019 has been a very interesting year for me. Both my companies, Analyzen and Go Zayaan, faced turbulence but we came back strong on both occasions. I started believing in love again (as you see in SRK movies). The year was very challenging and yet full of new learnings. I don’t have regrets but there […]

FS Weekly Review #32: The Cost of eCommerce Logistics, Easytrax, BeshiDeshi, Founding Stories of Solaric, GrameenPhone, And More

How GrameenPhone Was Created Iqbal Quadir, founder of GrameenPhone and the founder and director emeritus of the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT, shared how Grameenphone was created and what it takes to make something of consequence. The story is an excerpt from this interview here. The journey I came from Bangladesh, from […]


Ayrin Saleha Ria is an undergrad student currently studying Applied Sociology at ASA University Bangladesh. She takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science and loves reading. She works at FS as a Community Management Fellow and writes about interesting companies.

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