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Ridwan Hafiz: Business Vs Relationship – My Takeaway From 2019

Oct 27, 2019
Artwork by Jasper Shaw
Artwork by Jasper Shaw

2019 has been a very interesting year for me.

Both my companies, Analyzen and Go Zayaan, faced turbulence but we came back strong on both occasions. I started believing in love again (as you see in SRK movies).

The year was very challenging and yet full of new learnings.

I don’t have regrets but there are certain things I would have done differently and would do differently in the coming years.

You are probably wondering why I am bringing my personal relationship in this article. Because unlike most others, I believe there are so many common points between them. Here 05 such resemblances, that I have come to observe, to reflect upon for 2020.

First Date

You don’t want to mess up your first date. You plan it thoroughly; you dress up nicely and you go for that extra mile to ensure that you create a good first impression.

Similarly, when you launch your first product; you have to be very careful. You need to plan vigorously, and you need to make sure that you create a solid first impression to your customers.


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Ridwan Hafiz is the Co-founder & The People’s Champ of Analyzen and Founder & CEO of Go Zayaan

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