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The Rise of On-demand Cleaning Service In Dhaka

We are living in an on-demand economy. Every conceivable service has been uberized. You could hire a car on-demand. Buy food on-demand. Avail services like cleaning on-demand. The list could go on.

Over the past few years, we have seen a rapid rise of on-demand services in Bangladesh. A plethora of startups has brought a host of on-demand services in Dhaka. Everything could be availed on demand.

Handymama is one of the few companies that are operating in this space with a view to improve the quality of life of its users and offer convenience to busy urbanites. In Dhaka—which, Handymama’s hometown, ground zero for this on-demand economy—people can use the apps on their phones to get their apartments cleaned by Handymama; get from one place to another by Pathao or Shohoz, get their groceries delivered by Chaldal; their beauty services delivered by Romoni and their milk delivered by Gowala. Food delivery companies such as Hungrynaki or Food panda or Pathao Food will deliver ready to eat restaurant-meal to the door within minutes.

There is an obvious demand for these services. The pace of urban lives has increased tremendously leaving most people in a limbo of time scarcity. Between work, family and Dhaka’s excruciating traffic, it is often a tall order to attend regular cleaning of apartments and managing household chores.

For customers, there are other challenges when it comes to finding and availing various services. Take cleaning, for example, hiring a reliable cleaner who can ensure a professional service is a challenging task in an offline world. There are costly cleaning service providers and independent professionals but often choosing the right one comes with various challenges. The lack of verification. The absence of standard pricing. A lack of range of services. Customization of the cleaning service as per the individual need. Timing. Quality.

Then there are maids or domestic helps. The biggest problem with maids is that they are not trained, security-verified and essentially aren’t equipped with necessary skills required to handle various cleaning needs. All these things make finding the right service pros a challenge. To that end, on-demand service platforms offer a much-needed respite to the customers.

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Office cleaningThe rise of on-demand cleaning service

Cleaning is a complex service. From outside it looks simple. But in reality, it is not. There is a gulp of differences how you clean your bathroom and how you clean your kitchen and the materials and chemicals you use to clean both. Without a proper understanding of the roles of deep cleaning, you would not get the actual result.

The demand for cleaning service is huge because cleaning is as important to us as other basic needs. A home needs to be cleaned at least twice a day. Now if you hire someone to do so, either you have to clean your house once after the maid does or you have to pay the maid double to clean it twice.

An office needs thorough basic cleaning daily and a deep cleaning weekly which should be conducted by professional cleaners.

Many corporate houses and super shops employ underage workers to clean who do not have any idea or experience of cleaning. There are organizations that charge a minimum between Tk. 12,000-15,000 to clean your office.

In all these instances, it is often hard to understand and ensure the value for money. Moreover, it does not address the challenges that we mentioned earlier when it comes to hiring offline cleaning pros and vendors. This is where on-demand cleaning service platforms such as Handymama comes in. Companies like Handymama onboard service pros through proper quality check and security verification process. It offers service quality guarantees and thus ensures a satisfactory experience for its customers.

On-demand cleaning service providers offer a range of benefits to customers that are not available offline.

First, pricing is better. Second, wide-ranging options, and even bite-sized cleaning services. Third, the availability of time slots. Fourth, quality assurance.

First, on-demand cleaning service providers now offer a wide range of options for people who are looking for cleaning services online. “From, one can currently book 16+ types of cleaning services including regular home/office cleaning, professional deep cleaning, sofa, and carpet cleaning, furniture and glass cleaning, kitchen and toilet cleaning, office, full time, subscription-based, bite-sized, reserve tank cleaning, etc,” says Rezaur Rahman Robin, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Handymama.

Second, you can avail service in great flexibility. For example, you don’t hire a cleaner for an entire day, you could hire for a single task or for an hour and pay accordingly. There are subscription options as well , which means you could book a professional for a month or any length of time and pay accordingly.

Most importantly, there is service quality assurance. At HandyMama, “we offer service quality warranty to our customers,” says Robin. If anything goes wrong in the process of fixing an electronic appliance or moving a house, you have HandyMama to lodge a complaint or ask for compensation as HandyMama takes the responsibility and have you covered with a service warranty.”

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The unique benefits of on-demand cleaning service:

  • Verified and secure: before on-boarding, a service professional, platforms like Handymama runs thorough screening and verification to ensure security.
  • Skilled service professions: on-demand platforms ensure skilled professionals
  • Price: the platforms offer reasonable and competitive pricing
  • Range: Platforms like Handymama provides a wide range of cleaning services starting from a Sofa Set/Kitchen/Toilet cleaning to home/office cleaning subscription to daily among others.
  • Quality guarantee: Quality guarantee on services is hard to come by. But on-demand platforms are offering a quality guarantee.
  • Response Time: Just when you need it. On-demand platforms enable users to avail the service with the quickest response time from service professionals.
  • Customer service: Companies like Handymama has built a reputation for excellent customer service.

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The Rise of On-demand Cleaning Service In Dhaka

Handymama’s on-demand cleaning solutions

Handymama is creating a big business out of the small but all-important job of cleaning. The on-demand services startup helps its customers find self-employed home-helps available in the right place and at the right time.
While the company offers a roaster of services starting from electrical-plumbing to home appliance repairs, it has been paying special attention to cleaning for a while. It has invested in developing capabilities around on-demand home cleaning in Dhaka and has multiple products designed to cater to various needs of customers.

The digital service platform offers an affordable price and guarantees professional cleaners and quality of service. “Our goal with cleaning service is to offer a reliable and seamless experience to our customers, says Robin. The existing cleaning service model is broken for several reasons. It is ineffective and inefficient. It is costly and does not offer much to customers. It is a hassle for customers. Our goal with Handymama cleaning service is to address all these pain points for our customers.”

All the customer needs is a phone equipped with Handymama’s app or access to the internet or make a call to Handymama’s customer service, and everything gets taken care of by “service pros” at the convenient time of the customer. Once served, customers could make the payment via card/bKash/digitally or in cash.

Handymama covers most of Dhaka. It says it has built an army of service professionals who work independently on its platform and earns good money every month and has developed standard processes and systems to deliver high-quality services. Founded in 2015, it has raised multiple rounds of investment from local and international investors.

Your cleaning service is just a matter of a click

As the on-demand service industry matures in Dhaka, the companies that offer on-demand cleaning and other services are becoming more professional and paying greater attention to building a relationship of trust with customers. This means better service and experience for customers.

At the same time, the adoption of on-demand services has seen an upward trend in the past few years - a growing number of roughly 70,000+ households of the urban population are now trying these services. Online hyperlocal service solves a solid problem for consumers that makes it likely to grow in acceptance in the coming days.

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You deserve a clean kitchen
You deserve a clean kitchen

Hire Trusted Cleaning Pros For All Your Cleaning Needs. Let HandyMama Save You Time and Money.

HandyMama is here to make your life easier. It takes the pain of finding a cleaner out of your daily schedule, it ensures safety and quality and empowers you to do more with your time and money!

Next time, you need cleaning service, consider pushing the green home icon on your mobile phone, yes, that’s HandyMama app or go to HandyMama website. There is more to life than just worrying about your home or office cleaning.

Disclosure: This is a branded content produced in collaboration with HandyMama communication team.

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