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Consumer DairyTech Company GOWALA Receives Seed Funding; Eyes Expansion

Dec 25, 2018

Popular consumer DairyTech brand GOWALA announced that it has raised a seed funding led by an external investor. The startup did not disclose any further details of the round.

With its operating history of a little over two years, GOWALA is a rather popular dairy brand that sells curd, milk, and local sweetmeat delicacies etc. mainly through online platforms. The company aims to incorporate technology in every step of its value chain to track the ingredients it uses for producing the final products. With this kind of interaction between technology and consumer products they’re selling, the GOWALA founders are confident that their consumers will receive the highest quality products.

Founder and CEO Md Shafiul Alam commented, “We have been operating in a bootstrapping kind of way since our beginning. With this new funding, we aim to expand our capabilities across sourcing, marketing, customer service, and channel development. We found the investor’s background to be a good fit for our founding team and therefore we decided to go with this particular investor despite having a number of offers open to us.”

The investor Mehran Hussain Choudhury said, “I found the market that GOWALA is trying to disrupt using technology to be interesting. Plus I personally liked the founders and their diversified set of skills and experience. This is a team that consists of proven corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. Combining the market, the business model, and the team – investing in this business was inevitable.”

Entrepreneurs Md Saimum Hossain and Mahadi Hasan Sagor, two founders of digital communication company Geeky Social, are also part of GOWALA’s founding team. With this round of funding, Rubayat Hossain, a seasoned sourcing professional with more than 10 years of corporate experience, joined the team as the Chief Operating Officer. GOWALA now employs a total of 20 people to bring some of the best local sweetmeat delicacies of Bangladesh to the tables of the urban consumers.

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