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FSindex Launch Program: Meet Speakers And Moderator

Dec 8, 2015

FSindex launch event is knocking on the door. The platform is making preparation to open its door to wider startups and entrepreneurs community of the country on 10 December, 2015 at 4:00 Pm at the EMK Center.

We’ve invited Managing Director of BD Venture and Founders of Doctorola, SmartKompare, Styline to join us in sharing their personal and inspiring journeys, including their learnings, and understanding about Bangladesh startup ecosystem. M.K. Aaref, CEO of EMK Center will be moderating the discussion.

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M.K. Aaref
M.K. Aaref | Click Image for more

M.K. Aaref, CEO, EMK Center
M.K. Aaref is the CEO of the EMK Center for Public Service and the Arts, also known as the EMK Center. Under his leadership EMK has become the epicenter of the city’s major change initiatives and events. Mr. Aaref is an Architect by profession & training and founder of Aaref& Associates-an Architecture firm that embodies his passion for entrepreneurship. Having the experiences of living in multiple cultures that include the Middle East, England and USA, Mr. Aaref understands universal commonalities of culture and human endeavors.

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Shawkat Hossain
Shawkat Hossain | Click on image for more

Shawkat Hossain, Managing Director, BD Venture Limited
Shawkat Hossain is the Managing Director of BD Venture Limited. He is also a Fellow of Cost & Management Accountant of Institute of Cost & Management Accountant, Bangladesh. He has completed Masters in Development management from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines in 1994. He has 28 years of experience in his credit out of that 10 years as bankers and 18 years in financial management/ Accounting profession. He worked for different sector such as manufacturing, NGO and banks and in different reputed organization such as BRAC, BRAC Bank, Prime Bank, ICDDRB etc.

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Muhammad Nazimuddaula
Muhammad Nazimuddaula

Muhammad Nazimuddaula, CEO, G&R
Muhammad Nazimuddaula is the co-founders and CEO of G&R, country's first advertising network. Muhammad Nazimuddaula is credited as one of the most brilliant product minds within the G&R and has been instrumental in moving the company forward. G&R started its journey back in 2009. Early this year Genex Infosys Ltd acquired G&R and the company became part of a larger empire.

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Ron Mahbub
Ron Mahbub

Ron Mahbub, Founder and CEO, SmartKompare
Ron Mahbub is the Founder and CEO of SmartKompare, a product comparison startup that helps you to make better decision when choosing a financial product. SmartKompare, came out of Founder Institute Dhaka chapter, has seen quite a good growth.

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Khobaib Chowdhury
Khobaib Chowdhury

Khobaib Chowdhury
Founder and CEO, Styline
Khobaib Chowdhury is the Founder and CEO of Styline Collection, a modest fashion startup launched early this year. Khobaib is passionate about his work and ecommerce and his one of the reasons behind starting Styline was that he wanted to serve a niche market for which online commerce can become a huge advantage.

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Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon
Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon | Click on image for more

Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon, Founder and CEO, Doctorola
Mohammad Abdul Matin Emon is the Founder and CEO of Doctorola, a startup that aims to remove some critical roadblocks in receiving and delivering better healthcare services in Bangladesh. He has an astounding body of work. Previously, he had started successful businesses, worked as senior level managers with C-level suites in a few leading local and international organizations, and also had tasted his share of failure in business.

Collage: M.K Aaref, Ron Mahbub, Khobaib Chowdhury, Abdul Aatin Emon, Muhammad Nazimuddaula, Shawkat Hossain [from left right for both rows]

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