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G&R Names Muhammad Nazimuddaula Its New CEO

Oct 14, 2015

G&R, the first and largest Ad Network of the country, has made official what we heard previously from sources: Its new CEO is Muhammad Nazimuddaula. Muhammad Nazimuddaula, one of the co-founders and former Chief Product Officer of G&R, was responsible for the product side of the company. With this change, the new CEO replaces Nash Islam and will take the reins as Nash becomes a director of the company.

Muhammad Nazimuddaula is credited as one of the most brilliant product minds within the G&R and has been instrumental in moving the company forward. According to company insiders, Nazim contributed hugely in product innovation and growth of the business since its inception.

In a press release just sent out, G&R has announced the news and said, “we have transformed to be better than anything” and “new G&R aims to do more and has already developed a clear vision & a culture which is more open, accountable and energized”.

G&R started its journey back in 2009 but not exactly as what it is today. After trying and failing to build few internet businesses, G&R finally settled to become an Ad Network back in 2010. It took the company almost six years to become what it is today. The company has grown rapidly during past few years. Early this year Genex Infosys Ltd acquired G&R and the company became part of a larger empire.

It is not a big surprise that G&R picked Muhammad Nazimuddaula as a CEO. We heard about a possible restructure in G&R few months ago and the board considered few other choices as well. However, this announcement proves our assumption that the company wants to continue its course.

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