Launches Credit Card And Car Loan Comparison Tools

Nov 30, 2015

SmartKompare, a startup that helps people to compare financial products and make better financial decisions, has launched car loan comparison and credit card comparison services today, said a press release. The startup, launched early this year, started with personal loan comparison calculator.

“When we launched early this year, we did not know how people would respond to our services. So we decided to go slow and launched with only personal loan comparison initially. After few months in being, we are amazed and grateful for the response we have received from our users. Hundreds of people are applying for loans through our website. Our users are sending us ‘thank you’ notes! After getting such feedbacks, we have launched home loan comparison earlier this month and now adding both credit card and car loan comparison tools. Informed decisions are at the heart of a good life and we are here to help you to do it in your most important area of life, finance.” - said Ron Mahbub, Founder of SmartKompare.

SmartKompare’s car loan comparison tool can be accessed here. Car loan comparison is pretty much similar to the other loan comparison tools available on Once people provide their personal details like expected loan amount, loan duration, monthly income etc. the system suggests best loan options. Similarly, once a person place an interest for any loan, SmartKompare sends the requisition to bank [s] for further processing.

Credit card comparison tool is a bit more interactive where the application asks users some questions related to parameters required to avail the service and then calculates the best matches and displays the credit card options for the specific user. You can access the tool here.

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