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Bureaucracy: Embracing the Managerial Reality

Feb 26, 2013

When we write in Future Start-Up we mainly write about start-ups.  The idea of start-up is not that sort of static thing. It expands, it shifts and it goes to a larger format. A child is not a child forever. It grows to be free, self-dependent man. When you see a little bud rose; it may not attract you so much. But it gets a time for blooming with full youth that can bewilder you. It embodies a power of self to invigorate the notion of its survival, to expose the greatness of its entity.
An organization is not out of this reality. Absorbing the whole endeavor and devotion of an entrepreneur, her organization nullifies its nativity. It turns to be self-sustaining. In a sense self-sustaining organization validates the greatness of its creator, its entrepreneur.

When an organization gets on to that stage of growth, the total sense of authority and responsibility falls on a space of imbalance. In parallel with the process of developing a large organization, a mechanism also develops as a fortification of its self-sustainability. Then the questions like- what extent of authority the entrepreneur will exercise, how much responsibility he will take-arise. The imbalance occurs concerning the power distribution between the bureaucracy (mechanism) and the ownership authority.

But it’s a natural law that every realist entrepreneur abides by the notion "the larger an organization, the more bureaucratic it becomes." Arthur M. Whitehill in his book “Japanese Management, Tradition and Transition” clarifies this state by saying “ownership is divorced from management and the bureaucracy takes on a life and personality of its own.”

If you study the story of the emergence of the largest corporation like Samson H. Chowdhury’s Square group, Dhirubhai Ambani’s Reliance group, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc you will find the story of such divorce. They are great as they embraced the divorce professionally. When such situation arises entrepreneurs should handle it with utmost care and sensitivity. As a realist manager, let the adult act like an adult, let the rose bloom like a rose, let the organization function utilizing its own organs.

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Mr. Julfikar Islam is currently studying Marketing (4th year) at University of Dhaka. He is truly an organizational being. He has been working with a number of knowledge-based organizations for last 3 years within the University. His area of specialization is Supply Chain Management. He also has an effective knowledge about Branding, Current Market trends. He has been blogging for last 1 year about these issues in a number of national blog and community website.

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