Chaldal Launches Bangladesh’s Largest E-commerce Warehouse

Oct 24, 2018

Chaldal, the leader in online grocery, is set to launch Bangladesh’s largest E-commerce warehouse in Dhaka today in a move to consolidate its position in the market. The new warehouse will work as the central warehouse, connecting other smaller ones enabling the company to improve its productivity, save cost and improve logistics.

Located in Dhaka’s Banasree area, the 15,000 square feet warehouse, named as the mothership, has the capacity to accommodate over 10,00,000+ products. 100 employees will be able to work at the same time. Chaldal says, it will be able to serve over 3,00,000 customers across Dhaka city from the warehouse.

Chaldal has been talking about small warehouses, it calls nano-warehouse of which it has 7 of them in Dhaka, to improve efficiency, save real estate cost and improve timing. With the launch of Mothership, its largest warehouse to date, the company takes an important step in that direction. With a central gigantic warehouse in pace, it now can focus on creating smaller ones around it.

Founded by Waseem Alim, Zia Ashraf, and Tejas Viswanath five years ago, Chaldal has grown significantly over the past five years. A team of 450 people, it delivers about 2000 orders daily.

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