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Mobility and Transportation Market Map: 7+ Startups Trying On-demand Transportation in Dhaka

Globally, mobility has become one of most talked about industries. With the emergence of electric vehicles led by Tesla, and self-driving car led by Google, Uber, Tesla, Didi and in fact Apple, the future of transportation is a real hot topic. Car manufacturers including GM are also investing heavily in the space.

There is a whole variety of verticals in the mobility and transportation space such as car-hailing and car-pooling: Uber, Lyft, Didi, Grab, Go-Jek, Ola, Careem, Pathao and a handful of other startups operating in this space, then there is self-driving car, busses, shuttles, corporate fleet management, hyperloop, personal transportation and a handful of other verticals are there.

Asia has seen some of biggest mobility startups including Grab, GO-Jek, Ola, Didi, Easy Taxi (southeast Asia), Meru Cab, Jagnoo, Shuttl, Careem (Middle East) and a host of other smaller players.

Adoption of mobility services

The adoption of mobility service is still low globally except for few cities like San Francisco or New York or Shanghai. According to a report by Dalia Research, the average adoption rate of mobility apps is still below 50 percent in most markets.

In China, the most advanced market for on-demand transportation, the percentage is 51% whereas in the United States, only 30 percent of the population aged 14-65 has used an app to hail, share or rent a ride and in India, the country of Ola, it is only 23%. For Bangladesh market, data is not available yet.


Mobility and transportation tech in Dhaka

Mobility is a big problem in Dhaka, as we wrote in a recent report. It is hard to get from one place to another and public transportation system is showing little sign of improvement.

Hence, we are seeing an influx in the number of mobility and on-demand transportation services in Dhaka. We have over 9 startups operating in the space.

Although on-demand transportation service yet go mainstream but there is real chance that one or more of these startups going big.

Below is a comprehensive list of mobility startups working in Bangladesh. This market map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space and includes private, active companies only.

PathaoBike-hailing and logistics Raised an undisclosed Series A from a host of local and foreign investorsActive
Amar Bike Bike-hailing N/AActive
Amar Ride Bike-hailing and logistics, a sister concern of Empire GroupN/AActive
ChaloCar-hailing, logistics and a host of other servicesRaised multiple rounds of undisclosed rounds from Clyde Wu, and undisclosed investorsActive
BDCABSTaxi-hailingRaised an undisclosed sum from EtohumActive
MUVOn-demand bike-hailingUndisclosed seed roundActive/Beta
TaxiWalaOn-demand car rentalN/AActive

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