New On-demand Transportation App MUV Launches In Dhaka

Apr 2, 2017

A new on-demand bike-hailing service MUV has launched in Dhaka today. The startup connects bikers and passengers and allows on-demand ride facility. The service, in its early beta, is only available in Dhaka city and is owned by a company call ZP Technologies Ltd, according to three people aware of the matter.

Like other mobility apps, you will have to install the MUV app to request a ride. Once you request for a ride, a nearby biker partner will come and pick you up. The startup promises to offer best possible service at the best price and also claims that it applies a proper verification process to onboard bikers in order to ensure the safety of the riders. “MUV provides a secure and reliable service at an affordable price that you will definitely love,” writes the company on its website. At the same time, it also says bikers can also earn handsomely by joining to MUV network as a partner biker.

According to our source, MUV is now a team of 11 people and has raised a small seed money from undisclosed investors. The company aims to get to 200 bikes in the next few weeks.

Mobility is a big problem in Dhaka. It is hard to get from one place to another and public transport system is showing little sign of improvement. Hence, we are seeing an influx in the number of mobility and on-demand transportation services. There already are a number of players in the market like Toma, Chalo, Sam, Oikhali, PathaoUber, Amarbike, Amar Ride and now Muv. That said, on-demand mobility service is yet to go mainstream in Dhaka and has a long way to go.

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