SSL Wireless Prepares To Launch Logistics Service

Aug 3, 2016

SSL Wireless, the mother company of SSL Commerz-the long time provider of ecommerce services including online payment in the country, is preparing to launch a logistics service company of its own, said sources familiar with the matter. The service, which is now in under development, will largely focus on the growing ecommerce industry in the country.

This news came in a time when many local companies are venturing into the ecommerce space and logistics has been identified as one of the key barriers to the growth of the ecommerce sector.

There are already a number of new generation logistics companies in the market, such as eCourier, Pathao, serving growing ecommerce industry. We have come to know that a couple of other local corporations is also considering launching logistics service. Recently, Chaldal, the leading online grocery delivery service, also launched its own logistics service.

eCommerce is already a big market. In the coming days, the sector will only grow bigger. Top of that, on-demand is becoming increasingly popular which means more and more people will get their things delivered to their place and there will be more companies to serve this need. Although, logistics is an investment heavy business and there is a certain level of competition in the market which will only intensify in the future but there is a solid opportunity to build a logistics business in Dhaka.

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