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Introducing Weekly Column On Startup HR

At Future Startup we have talked about importance of people many times before. In fact we believe that the single most powerful reason why company fail or succeed is ‘people’. To grow your business you need to find and hire right people, retain them, learn how to get best out of them and make sure that your employees are always fired up.

Finding the right people is always a big challenge for startups. Several reasons contribute to this problem i.e. comparatively low salary, uncertainty, status and glamour and more. Successful startups always come up with a strategy to attract talent, hire and retain them. Say for example, Buffer-the social sharing startup-takes its employees to a retreat, Square offers the best working space, and many startups also offer stock to their employees.

In Bangladesh hiring is a true pain in the ass. If you are a startup be prepared for a serious battle for hiring right people.

However, unless we find a viable solution to this problem many startups are going to suffer.


Startup HR 101

To help startups with their HR problem we are bringing a weekly HR column entitled ‘Startup HR 101’ under collaboration with M Murshed Haider, FCMI, Co-founder & CEO, optima HR Solutions. Best known as a motivational speaker and corporate coach,Murshed has an astounding body of works that includes starting multiple ventures, helping companies with critical HR issues, working abroad and inspiring people to be better human beings.

What this column is all about

We’ll try to cover critical aspects of startup HR while taking regular feedback, questions from readers and startup founders on the go. Let’s know about it from the Author:

For the startups, nothing matters more than the people who work for them. In fact, companies are nothing without the right people. This is why creating the right ‘mix’ of employees within the organization from Day one is crucial. Recruiting the right kind of people is not enough, you need to get the best out of them and also need to retain them for the longer term. In this 'Start up HR 101' series, I will try to focus on different aspects of HR that would help you putting your feet right for your startup.

Schedule: We hope to publish one column every week preferably on Tuesdays. However, depending on priority and other issues there might be some changes in the schedule. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get regular updates.

Content plan: A flexible content plan will be published soon. We want to make the column interactive and collaborative. You can ask questions, write to the Author about your HR problems and more.

Help us to get better: Let us know your feedback, opinions, suggestions, and questions to make this column better.

Thanks to Samantha Morshed for editing this piece.

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