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60+ Startups We Covered in 2020

We did an average job at covering startups in 2020. Then again, 2020 was an exceptional year, a time when pretty much nothing worked. These are some of the companies we have covered in 2020. Almost all of them have gained from the pandemic. Some struggled initially but have rebounded since. Others have experienced meaningful growth across operations. The experience has made all of them better companies than before. This is a list we created as part of our annual looking back tradition, this should not be considered as any kind of ranking or list. Enjoy!

Company Vertical Coverage Page 
iFarmer Agri-techRead here. 
Truck Lagbe Logistics Read here. 
WorkdJob marketplace Read here. 
KludioFood-techRead here. 
RokomarieCommerce Read here. 
Game Plan Gaming Read here. 
Pickaboo eCommerce Read here. 
ShurjoMukhiFin-tech Read here. 
DataBird Travel, communicationRead here. 
BeshiDeshieCommerce Read here. 
ChaldaleCommerce Read here. 
HypeScout Marketing Read here. 
HandyMamaeCommerce Read here. 
Go ZayaanTravel Read here. 
PriyoShop eCommerce Read here. 
TukiTakieCommerce Read here. 
Bonton Software/InternetRead here. 
Frontier Nutrition Manufacturing Read here. 
WeDevs Software Read here. 
ShopUp eCommerce Read here. 
Deligram eCommerce Read here. 
Foodpanda Food deliveryRead here. 
eCourier Logistics Read here. 
Zantrik Transportation Read here. 
ISHOFurniture/ManufacturingRead here. 
ShohozTransportation Read here. 
GEEKY Social Marketing Read here. 
Bohubrihi EducationRead here. 
bKash Finance Read here. 
Alpha Catering FoodRead here. 
Jobike Transportation Read here. 
SOLShareEnergy Read here. 
AccFinTaxConsulting Read here. 
JatriTransportation Read here. 
Shuttle Transportation Read here. 
Gaze Software Read here. 
Daraz eCommerce Read here. 
Uber Transportation Read here
NeoFarmers Food and Retail Read here. 
Pathao Transportation Read here. 
Styline eCommerce Read here. 
Let’s Furnish eCommerce/RentalRead here. 
Barikoi Software Read here. 
AmarroomTravelRead here. 
OlwelHealthcare Read here. 
MayaHealthcare/information servicesRead here. 
Paperfly Logistics Read here. 
Praava HealthHealthcare Read here. 
HungryNakiFood delivery Read here. 
ShikhoEd-tech Read here. 

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