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Promoted Products: Promote Your Products To Thousands Of Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Business and Tech Professionals

What is it?

Promoted is a new way to promote your product to Future Startup audience through telling intelligent story i.e. explainer or a review about your product. You may also offer deals and a special discount in the same article. Using promoted product you can:

  • Raise awareness with a powerful native story
  • Build a meaningful relationship with your customers
  • Educate the market
  • Build trust
  • Build intent and drive lead generation efforts with great content

What does Promoted Product include?

We provide 03 stories under Promoted Product for one single product. However, we also offer custom solutions. Here is what we offer:

  • One overall authentic and interesting story/review on your product
  • One story on key features
  • One story focusing on the benefits that customers can get using the product

Why would I promote my product on Future Startup?

Future Startup is a publication for entrepreneurs, founders, investors, business and technology professionals, engineers, designers, marketers, intellectually curious people, and early adopters from small startups to big conglomerates.

Your brand will appear alongside stories of makers and doers and change-makers, innovative startups and companies and industry insights read by thousands. Promoted products attract thousands of views and clicks from decision-makers and influential people in business, tech, and society in Bangladesh.

Can any product be promoted?

Promoted Products can be a new story about a product/startup or an old story resurfacing. However, every product we promote has to go through a screening process and meet our internal promotional criteria.

Can I promote my product multiple times?

Yes! You can promote the same product multiple times with multiple articles.

How does promoted product work? Where do promoted products appear on Future Startup?

For Promoted Product, we develop an article and publish it at FS to all FS readers. Promoted products are fixed on the homepage and appear in our weekly newsletter, along with a "promoted" tag.

I’m launching a new product, Can I pay to promote it?

Yes! However, it has to meet our internal standard.

How much does it cost to promote my product?

Prices are ultimately based on demand. Please contact us to reserve your spot and learn more about our pricing.

Can you tell me more about the Future Startup audience?

Future Startup is the destination for thousands of founders, entrepreneurs, business and tech professionals and leaders who depend on us to being informed on business and technology scene in Bangladesh.


  • Who: Entrepreneurs, business and tech leaders and professionals, investors and analysts, startup founders and teams, academicians, entrepreneurial-minded young professionals, and students
  • Age: 25-34 years old - 53.84%, | 35-54 years old - 20%, | 18-34 years old - 23.92%, | male 75%
  • Location: Bangladesh - 72.3%, USA - 7%, India - 4.9%, UK - 1.8%
  • Industries: startups and tech, VC/PE, Analysts, banking/finance, telecom, FMCG, Infrastructure, Marketing, media and more, etc. You can learn more about our audience here.

Can you share a few success stories and previous examples of promoted product stories?

A few examples are:

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