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Device Most People Use To Access Internet In Bangladesh Proves That We Are a Truly Mobile-first Nation

Mar 31, 2017
Devices used to access internet in Bangladesh | Data source: StatCounter GlobalStats
Devices used to access internet in Bangladesh | Data source: StatCounter GlobalStats

Bangladesh has been experiencing unprecedented mobile penetration growth over the past years. And an increasing number of these users are now coming online using their handheld devices. According to data from StatCounter GlobalStats, in February 2017, more than 73% of internet users came through mobile, 25% used desktops and tablet users accounted for under 1%.

This has widespread profound implications for business, society and life. As we reported yesterday that mobile internet consumption continues to grow in the country resulting in a charging data revenue for the top three telecom operators, Grameenphone, Robi and Banglalink, in the country despite the fact that the service is expensive and poor in nature in most parts of the country.

Mobile is eating the world. In February 2017, half of all global internet users accessed internet using handheld devices, and just over 45% used desktop for doing so. In Bangladesh, desktop penetration is pretty low whereas the country has a staggering 117 million mobile phone subscribers and smartphone penetration is also growing rapidly made possible, partly, by the sharp decline in smartphone price.

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