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G&R Adds More Tools To Its Work Email Service, Plans To Introduce GoromCha Suite For Business

GoromCha, screencapture on March 25
GoromCha, screencapture on March 25

G&R launched GoromCha Email service as a beta in 2016. As we reported back in April 2016: “G&R, the first and largest online Ad Network of the country, is about to launch a work email service in Bangladesh, according to sources familiar with the matter. The service called GoromCha will specifically target local market and will offer work email. A team within the G&R has been working on the service which is almost ready to launch.”

After the launch of the service, despite a challenging onboarding process, the company claims to receive a satisfactory response from the market. It now handles 24,000 visitors and 216,000 emails a month with over 10 organizations testing the beta version.

With the initial response from the market, the company is now aiming to do more and planning to introduce GoromCha Suite for work this year with additional services added to it. Although G&R is yet to announce a launch date.

The service is initially targeting small and medium businesses with a host of tools including business email, client and pipeline management tool, an office attendance tool and an internal communication tool that they regularly need. Currently, GoromCha email for Work is free for 15 users and for every additional user it costs BDT 99 per month.

G&R started its journey back in 2009 but not exactly as what it is today. In fact, GoromCha, which is now an email service, was the first product of G&R. It was more of a classified content marketplace back then. After trying and failing to build few internet businesses, G&R finally settled to become an online Ad Network back in 2010. Genex Infosys Ltd acquired G&R in 2015.

For the last two years, G&R has been trying hard to expand its business while also investing in new products. Last year, it reportedly crossed the milestone of serving one billion ads per month across more than five thousand Bangladeshi websites and apps. It has also been investing in its mobile platform and reported that its mobile inventory surpassed its desktop inventory.

Strategically email has value for G&R as an ad network. It will allow G&R to have a deeper understanding about its users and devise better targeting strategy. That said, making an email product work will not be an easy feat given the dominance of G Suite and Microsoft in the market.

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