G&R Plans To Launch Business Email Service

Apr 9, 2016

G&R, the first and largest online Ad Network of the country, is about to launch a work email service in Bangladesh, according to sources familiar with the matter. The service called GoromCha will specifically target local market and will offer work email. A team within the G&R has been working on the service which is almost ready to launch.

G&R started its journey back in 2009 but not exactly as what it is today. After trying and failing to build few internet businesses, G&R finally settled to become an online Ad Network back in 2010. It took the company almost six years to become what it is today. The company has grown rapidly during past few years. Genex Infosys Ltd acquired G&R in 2015 and the company became part of a larger empire. After the acquisition, the company named its Co-founder and former Product Chief Muhammad Nazimuddaula as CEO last year and announced its ambition to deliver better service and be better.

The new email service is the latest chapter in its transformation and shows its ambition to turn into a seller of corporate technology from an online ad network. G&R’s move also spotlights how local technology companies are trying to do more and expand their businesses.

While email is a crowded field, largely dominated by Google and Microsoft, there is an opportunity for a quality local service. Local users  often face problems with their current email solution. A lot of customers feel those solutions are expensive and complex and it is often difficult to make the payment.

Email remains a must-have digital workplace tool and it is a big business while also works as an entry point for tech business seeking business to big organizations. With a local work email offering in place, G&R will be able to look beyond its online ad network business and turn it into a major player in tech space in Dhaka.

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