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08 Best Startup Stories You Missed In October

Nov 5, 2016

In October, we published some of our interesting startup stories yet. From Shopify of Bangladesh to Online Women Lingerie Shop, here are the some of the most-read stories from the past month.

1. Buying bras and lingeries in Bangladesh can be agonizing–more often than not you get to talk to a male salesperson, there are shoppers looking weirdly at you and then you feel an avalanche of embarrassment shrouding your shopping experience. Goponjinish, a Dhaka-based ecommerce startup aims to fix this. Read more: Inside Goponjinish’s Big Mission To Change How Women Buy Lingerie In Bangladesh

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2. Women is an interesting market segment. The number of economically independent women in Bangladesh who have the purchasing power is on the rise. In the coming years, with more women joining the workforce, this number will only go up which means this is a largely unexplored market. There is a surge in the women-focused tech startups in Dhaka. Read more: The Rise Of Women Focused Startups: 9+ Startups Working Across Fashion, Beauty, Commerce, and Content and Community

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3. What if I told you it is possible to launch an ecommerce store in Bangladesh with less than a day’s work and almost zero cash investment? It may sound ludicrous at first, but there is a startup in Dhaka that helps you exactly to do that. Read more: Inside Storrea’s Big Plan To Change How People Start And Run eCommerce Store In Bangladesh

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4. The digital healthcare movement is driving a vast array of startups in Dhaka, many working in mobile healthcare and healthcare for the last mile population. Read more: 6 Digital Healthcare Startups In Dhaka [Updated]

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5. Taxiwala, the much talked carpooling startup, re-launches today in Dhaka. Originally conceived by Faraj Rahman and Osama Maqsood back in 2015, the startup aims to reduce the struggle the dwellers of Dhaka city suffer due to unavailability of timely, safe, fast, and reliable transport. Read more: New Carpooling Startup TaxiWala Hits The Dhaka Road

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6. Walton, the homegrown tech manufacturing giant, is investing heavily in its home appliances focused ecommerce platform The platform is now among the fast growing ecommerce platforms in Dhaka in terms of traffic. According to Similar web data, it attracts a whopping 258k traffic per month and growing steadily. Read more: Walton Doubles Down On eCommerce, Aims To Build The Largest eCommerce Platform For Home Appliances

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7. G&R, the first and largest online Ad Network of the country, has reported a new milestone, the company now serves one billion ads per month across more than 5 thousand Bangladeshi websites and apps. Read more: G&R Continues To Grow, Now Serves One Billion Ads A Month

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8. Seedstars Dhaka 2016: Everything you need to know

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