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Walton Doubles Down On eCommerce, Aims To Build The Largest eCommerce Platform For Home Appliances

Oct 31, 2016

Walton, the homegrown tech manufacturing giant, is investing heavily in its home appliances focused ecommerce platform The platform is now among the fast growing ecommerce platforms in Dhaka in terms of traffic. According to Similar web data, it attracts a whopping 258k traffic per month and growing steadily.

The company launched its ecommerce platform in October last year and now sells a wide array of products including home appliances, mobiles, laptops, motorcycle, refrigerator and freezer, electronic appliances and more. The company now sells more than 400 products online, offers discounts and free shipping. According to sources, it now sells around BDT 5 million worth of products per month through its online platform.

eCommerce has become a thing in Dhaka in the recent years. It is true that the sector is growing rapidly thanks to growing internet and mobile phone penetration. But the available data about the sector is unreliable making it difficult to understand and predict the actual growth.

Besides big and well-invested companies, there are thousands of small online sellers largely based social media platforms like Facebook. An increasing number of existing giants are also showing interest in the sector. Pran has already launched its own ecommerce venture called Othoba, Symphony has Pickaboo, GP has more than one ventures, Meghna Group has one as well and there are more companies getting into the sector.

However, while most of the ecommerce sites sell products of other brands alongside its own, Walton seems to be the only company that is solely focusing on selling its own products. The company already has a lengthy products line and now using online as its distribution channel along with its nationwide growing distribution network. And it is in the game.

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