22 Startups From Connecting Startups Bangladesh's Top 50 And Their Interesting Ideas

Apr 12, 2016

Bangladesh startup scene is growing fast. Startups have proliferated in recent years while the ecosystem is also maturing fast.To make things even better, Bangladesh Government has also started to contribute actively to the ecosystem.

Connecting Startup Bangladesh, the first ever Government's initiative to connect startups and innovators and entrepreneurs, launched in October 2015 with an aim to select a batch of startups for an upcoming Government supported incubator program called StartUp Incubator of the Janata Tower STP (Software Technology Park).

The program, a PPP project by nature, is a joint initiative of ICT Division of Bangladesh Government, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) and BASIS.

After almost three and a half month, the program announced a list of top 50 startups yesterday from which top 10 will be selected in June. Here’s a rundown, in no particular order, of the 22 startups that we found interesting from 50 selected startups and their ideas in brief:

Track My Vehicle: Vehicle tracking system

Bdrates Holdings Limited: A retail financial aggregator and document processor.

Storrea: Shopify like eCommerce platform allows people to create eCommerce stores.

Field Buzz: Help you to manage field operations by using smart devices. It offers sales, surveys, registrations and workflows for field workers using smartphones. Managers can easily keep track of what's happening in the field remotely with web-based Mission Control interface.

Humac Lab: Madviser helps to users optimize mobile expenses by suggesting the Voice, data packages and special offers that fit best according to one's mobile usage

Rapido Deliveries: Dhaka-based logistic service designed to serve the e-Commerce businesses.

PortBliss Games: Makes quality games in local context.

caretutors.com: Online tutor matching platform

Clickntech.com: e-video learning platform in Bangladesh. Click n Tech offers the video tutorial on Photography, technology, Graphics Design, and Computer literacy.

Shopfront Limited: Facilitate social media selling

khujun.com: Bangla search engine

Prescription: Healthcare solution

Pavilion: Dedicated Sports Website in Bangla covering local and international sports news and stories

Auamy Technology: Develops technical resources in Bangla in order to ensure quality education in tech and Technology related R&D.

SECUPENT: Cyber security startup. Delivers accurate, complete and cost-effective website security solutions.

mDoc: Bridges the gap between rural patients and quality healthcare by providing local intermediaries with the training and equipment to facilitate meaningful consultations with remote doctors.

6 Axis Technologies: Develops embedded systems and control automation

Planeter Ltd: Designs and manufactures robotic stuff and robots for commercial purposes and for researchers, robot hobbyists, and professionals.

GREEVO: Clean energy manufacturer and sustainable energy solution provider

Eshkul: School management system that provides cloud-based integrated system for teachers, students, and guardians through web and mobile apps.

Shaadibazar: Everything wedding platform in Bangladesh

ClassTune: School management software designed for Students, Parents, and Teachers.

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