Calling All Student Entrepreneurs: Tell Us About Your Startup Is Your Everything Wedding Platform In Bangladesh

Sep 5, 2015

A new platform,, launches today in Dhaka. The platform aims to help people pull off a perfect wedding. Regardless of religion, cast, and class wedding is the most important and auspicious of all the social ceremonies in Bangladesh. For anyone marriage is a very important event and everyone tries to make it memorable and perfect. But when it comes to make a perfect wedding happen, people often face problems: finding right products, service providers, photographer, designer, planner are few to name. aims to help one to fix all of these issues and make a perfect wedding ceremony happen. is the first of its kind platform in Bangladesh, where you can get everything related to wedding. It aggregates all the sources of great wedding related stuffs so that one can easily find out which is best and for what. It also helps you with your wedding planning so that you can enjoy your wedding and don’t have to worry that things might go astray.

Founded by three Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel, Founder and Managing Director of Advanced ERP, Shakawat Mamun, AMD of Provati Insurance Ltd, and Rumana Chowdhury, Founder of Warah, Shaadibazar plans for a long walk and build the platform one step at a time.

Once asked about what Shaadibazar is all about, Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel, one of the founders, gets back with a rather obvious answer: “I personally have experiences of arranging many weddings. It occurred to me that, in almost all wedding events something would go out of your control: a vendor would not come on time or a photographer would fail to deliver, and so on. There are lots of inefficiencies. More often than not, things go wrong. On the hand, you can only do so much. There is no way to know and find the best vendor for a particular wedding issue in your area, the best photographer, or the best wedding planner. So, we thought that this is a problem that is overlooked and we can give a try to solve it by using technology.”

For now, Shaadibazar is a platform where you can find listings of service providers, products, and a little help for planning your wedding. “Over the time, we want to become a sort of marketplace for everything wedding,” says Mostafizur Rahaman Sohel, “we want to make wedding painless and build a place that can help people to plan and execute their wedding perfectly and have a memory of lifetime.”

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