Promoting Bangladesh 2016: 10 Interesting And Inspiring Bangladeshi Websites And Apps

Promoting Bangladesh 2016: 10 Interesting And Inspiring Bangladeshi Websites And Apps

An app that offers free advice to women when they need it, an online platform that empowers designers and creators and let users to design their own t-shirts, a website that aims to become a platform for Bangla quiz online and a Bangla language website dedicated to sports. These are the few websites and apps we feature for Promoting Bangladesh, 2016, an initiative by G&R in collaboration with Future Startup.

We started the project in December, 2015 with a call for applications and nominations. The process is simple. After receiving submissions for months, the program team go through the hundreds of submissions and run preliminary screening and come up with a smaller list to send to the judges.

We understand, there are many great websites and apps that we could not include. We recognize that, this list is far from complete but we strongly believe that each of these initiatives are manifestation of the passion of people working behind and these initiatives are contributing to build a better Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is changing, fast. We are the 57th largest economy in the world. We are one of the largest contributors to growth of southeast Asian GDP. We have a demographic advantage unmatched by most of the world. Mobile and internet penetration is surging. Technology is changing many industries and contributing to improving lives. In the future, there will be many more disruptions.

Then and again, we need a better internet ecosystem to support and promote local initiatives. Promoting Bangladesh, as an initiative, aims to contribute to building a better internet ecosystem in Bangladesh. We believe stories of these initiatives will tell a different story about a country in making, inspire you, make you hopeful and optimistic about this beautiful country and about its potential.

About the selection process 

We had a jury panel for whole selection process, you may check it out here. We worked hard to be strict on criterias we set forth for the selection. These are the few things we used to evaluate submissions: 1) Uniqueness 2) Growth potential 3) Content 4) User Experience 5) is it serving a local need and contributing, in some way, to building a better Bangladesh.


We are indebted to many people who helped us in the process of making this list happen. We are grateful to our readers and everyone for all the nominations and submissions. Specifically, we want to thank our judges for guiding us and helping us to find and select best initiatives.

Maya Apa
Category: Application
Maya Apa is allows users to ask questions anonymously and receive an answer within a few hours. User queries are routed to a vetted network of experts covering topics ranging from medical and legal all the way to beauty and nutrition. Whether its exchanging knowledge with other users in the Maya community or receiving expert advice, Maya Apa connects people with the information they are looking for, when they need it.

The Maya Apa app is developed by the team behind, the first comprehensive website in Bangladesh dedicated to women’s health and well-being. Maya has a long term partnership with the world’s largest NGO, BRAC.

Category: Website
The platform, ecommerce in nature, allows users to design their own unique piece of T-shirt and get it printed for a bit higher price. The platform can also work as a designer marketplace.

Category: Website
Quiz is now is one of the most trending pieces of contents online. There are handful of platforms that offer free and freemium quiz making tools online but almost all of them are in English. But there is a demand for a platform that allows to do Bangla quiz. Quizards has a strong focus on quizzing. They aim to evolve into a complete Bengali “edutainment” platform catering to knowledge enthusiasts.

Lekhok Keyboard
Category: Application
Lekhok Keyboard lets you to write Bangla in Bangla. It’s not a phonetic keyboard. There are few other keyboards for writing Bangla online but Lekhok claims to be different. It allows users to write Bangla in more convenient way and takes the complexity of the Bangla language into account.

Category: Application
Durbin App claims to be the largest Educational Mobile App in Bangladesh. The platform is designed for students from class five to Graduation. Using the app students can take Primary School Certificate (PSC) Preparation, Junior School Certificate (JSC) Preparation, Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination Preparation, Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination Preparation, BCS Preparation, and Bank Job Preparation.

Category: Website
JeteChao is the first event listing site in Bangladesh. Finding event in Dhaka can be hard at times. There are few other places you can go to find events. Eventbrite is an option but it is not an ideal place to go for finding local events. On the other hand, JeteChao is a place where you can search events, find events, know about events, and then go to one that interests you.

Category: Website is a platform for receiving doctor appointments and other healthcare services through multiple channels. It offers a website, live chat option, mobile apps, and a call center to manage appointments and everything.

Guided Verses
Category: Application
Guided Verses offers an immersive Qur’an experience for web and mobile. You can download the app and start reading right away.

Click n tech
Category: Website
Authentic e-video learning platform in Bangladesh. Click n Tech offers video tutorial on Photography, technology, Graphics Design, and Computer literacy.

Category: Website
Dedicated Sports Website in Bangla covering local and international sports news and stories.

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