These Are Startups That Graduated From Founder Institute's Latest Batch

Mar 21, 2016

The Founder Institute– a Silicon Valley based early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network- launched its operation in Bangladesh in 2014 and started its first batch of Dhaka Chapter in early 2015 that helped launch five startups. Few of those startups such as SmartKompare, Styline, and Handymama, are doing pretty well. 

The program just announced graduate startups from its latest batch, Fall 2015, last night. A graduation night was held at BASIS Auditorium on the 20th of March, Sunday with Shameem Ahsan, President of BASIS and General Partner at Fenox Venture capital honoring the event as chief guest.

The graduating startups pitched their business in-front of an esteemed panel of judges and top investors including Mr. Ahsan, Sajid Rahman, Chief Executive Officer at Telenor Health and Director of Founder Institute Bangladesh and Igor Kostenko, Representative of the European Arm of Fenox. Minhaz Anwar and Anita Ghazi Islam, the two other directors of Founder Institute were also present at the event. After the pitch, Meghdut Analytics was announced as the winner by the judges. Following is the full roundup of startups:

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Meghdut Analytics
Founded by Wasik Mursalin, Meghdut Analytics plans to provide a cloud based analytics solution for analyzing business data. It helps businesses to extract insights from their operational data and optimize their process. Meghdut Analytics was the winner of the night.

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Founded by Tuhin Islam, uuMoo offers cloud based ‘wallet’ service to existing mobile financial services (MFS) in Bangladesh and enables MFS users with ‘proximity transaction’ capability anytime and anywhere using mobile apps in their smartphones.

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An online medical consultation platform where people can get their medical consultation services through telemedicine and mHealth. Customers will be able to overcome geographical barriers for receiving quality healthcare consultation from registered 500+ medical consultants from Bangladesh and around the globe.

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