HandyMama And SmartKompare To Receive Seed Funding From Fenox Venture

HandyMama And SmartKompare To Receive Seed Funding From Fenox Venture

Two Founder Institute Dhaka graduate startups has received seed investment today from Fenox Venture Capital in a pitch night organized by Founder Institute Dhaka. The startups are SmartKompare and HandyMama, each of the startup will receive an amount of US$15,000. All five Founder Institute graduate startups pitched in the event. 

SmartKompare-a financial product comparison startup aims to help its users to find best financial products from a sea of options launched few weeks back in Dhaka. The startup will let people to compare financial products from several financial institutions and choose the best. The service is simple: finding best loans, deposits, credit cards, and insurances is difficult, what SmartKompare does is it aggregates information about financial products from all possible sources and put it in order. Once you are looking for a loan or credit card, you go to SmartKompare website, enter your information and find comparison among products.

As it beings its journey SmartKompare will provide information and comparison service for personal loan for time being and will include more products like deposits, credit cards, insurances, home, car loans, SME loans etc in the future.

HandyMama.co is a Web and Mobile based platform with a Call Center in place where people can outsource their everyday household tasks that they don’t want to do (cleaning, laundry, dish washing, toilet cleaning, deep cleaning, etc.) and the tasks that need help with tools and skills (electrical, plumbing, sanitary, fixing home appliance, computer servicing, and many more.) The startup has already launched its services in the city’s Mohammadpur, Dhaka area.

We’ve reached out to FI Dhaka, we will update this news once we get more. 

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