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Marketplace For Household Tasks Startup HandyMama Launches In Dhaka

May 29, 2015
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TaskRabbit type marketplace for household tasks startup HandyMama launches today in Dhaka. The startup connects households with taskers via web and mobile platform with a Call Center in place to outsource their everyday household tasks that they don’t want to do (cleaning, laundry, dish washing, toilet cleaning, deep cleaning, etc.) and the tasks that need help with tools and skills (electrical, plumbing, sanitary, fixing home appliance, computer servicing, and many more.)

Primarily the startup will be relying more on call center to connect household and tasker. If you need a tasker, you go to the website, choose a task and call customer manager of HandyMama for a tasker, they will take care of rest of the work and send best of taskers to get your things done. As start HandyMama will be offering services in the city’s Mohammadpur and Dhanmondi area, Dhaka, for time being. The startup claims to have 50+ freelance taskers on board with a list of potential customers to test the service.

HandyMama, one of the six startups graduated from first batch of Founder Institute Dhaka, aims to scale over the time and provide a long array of services.

Few of the major problems people face with hiring maid and this sort of taskers are: availability, trust, security and a standard pricing. HandyMama claims that they only list a tasker after proper security check and the pricing they are offering is very realistic and best in the market.

On demand services are now growing like crazy globally. As people are increasingly becoming busier, there is a growing need for services like that of HandyMama. People often face difficulties with doing household tasks. Since there is no reliable source for hiring people for maid and other household jobs people often rely on local vendors and personal connections. But it only serves so much.

Given the population size in Dhaka and increasing demand for convenience services, if HandyMama can potentially fix this problem there is a big market for it. However, it is not without potential risks given the fact that this is a new service in Bangladesh and it will take time to earn familiarity and trust both.

Image by HandyMama

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