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Smartphone Is The Future

Jun 11, 2015

A recent report by Ericson predicts: Smartphone usage will be doubled by 2020. The report also says, mobile data usage will also be increased by 9 times. Critics have been claiming that sales of Smartphone will decrease in the near future because of its overuse. Similar prediction also said that due to the access to Smartphone, people will tend to buy few devices in future. But Ericson predicts a different future.

Now 260 crore people across the world are using smart phone. Ericson predicts that by 2020 it will reach upto 610 crore. The report also says that 70% of world population will use smart phone by 2020 and 90% mobile owners will use internet via mobile.

Implication For The Businesses

Mary Meekar’s recent internet report also said the same story, mobile is the future. People will be using mobile for almost everything starting from data consumption to purchasing products to watching online streaming. One implication of this change is of course businesses have to change their focus and build mobile first platforms more. Similarly, supplying internet and smart phone to this huge population is an opportunity in itself.

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