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Best Of Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report [Part 01]

Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report is exploding the internet. This 197 slides report is what, TechCrunch Reports, will take you closest to understanding the future of internet and tech world. We Just took two slides from the whole report, released yesterday by KPCB, and these two slides speak volume about what future holds for us. 

Future Of World Is Internet

39% of World Population, 2.8 billion people, is now on internet. It took only 19 years to take internet penetration from 0.6% to 39%, brining rest of the world will be faster than before. What is the catch: bring rest of the world on internet is the opportunity and it will change the whole game for once and all. See the image bellow:

Internet Users 2015-internet-trends-report-4-638

Future Of Internet Is Mobile

Mobile users, Mary meerker Internet Trend report 2015

73% of world population,5.2 billion people, use mobile phone which was only 1% in 1995. What is the catch: Mobile is going to take over everything. See image below:

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