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04 Commonly Underrated Advices From The Founder Of Rags2Riches, Inc On How To Start A Business And Stick To Your Journey

Apr 28, 2013

"It was early training," said Rockefeller, "the fact that I was willing to persevere" while giving his reason for success, where Walt Disney credited hard work and imagination for his success. Following one’s passion, said Steve Jobs, is what one must do to succeed. Debbi Millman says, 'we belittle ourselves in our imagination therefore we become so.'

We know, building a company is hard, yet some of us want to do it but we don’t know how to do it exactly. Find your passion, said Evan Williams, and never compromiseFind right co-founder, said PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, making it happen would be very tough.  

In a recent interview with R2R Women Reese Fernandez, co-founder of R2R and a Rolex 2010 Young Laureate, serves us with a package on how to start a social entrepreneurial initiative and make it happen. 

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1. Find your passion
Passion is something that you love and that drives you. Find your passion and go ahead to make it a reality. Building something from scratch takes years, if you don't love your work it would be very difficult to keep up. There will hard days and disasters, and nothing can prepare you for such kind of situation but passion. 

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2. Find few like-minded co-founders
Now you know your passion and you want to go after it and make it happen. Now your job is to build a team with few like-minded friends to be your companion in your journey. It is good to have co-founders who have skills that you don't have. 

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3. Commit to some milestones
Now get into real business. Breakdown your journey. Decide on what you need to do to get there where you want to get. Make some realistic plan. Without committing to some SMART [specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound] goals making progress is almost impossible. Set milestones and run for them. 

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4. Never give-up
This is going to take a long time. There will be ups and downs. There will be good days and bad days but you have to believe in yourself and keep working hard. Unless, you do so, you will never win. The difference between people who build successful companies and who don't come down to simple perseverance. There will be temporary obstacles, failure, and frustration; there will be situation that things would not work according to your plan but one must not give up. As Reese says, it is not easy but it so worth it. 

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