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Shortcut and the Destiny 2000 Ltd

Oct 15, 2012

No matter how much we like or dislike taking shortcuts, we do seek shortcuts. In almost every sphere of our life, sometimes, we intend to find a way that may make us millionaire overnight, or brilliant instantly, and so on. We love to have best mark in exam by studying only in night before exam, we want to have best writing standard just by writing few articles and so forth.

Take the example of Destiny 2000 ltd. There were far better ways to make money than that of what Destiny did. They could really sell things instead of pretending to sell things. They could really do some tree plantation instead of talking about some imaginary forest out there. They could really serve people in many other ways. But they did not. And you can’t build a castle on nothing!

In a world where we everyday talk about decent ways of making things happen, uncivilized anything that cheat with people, make people victim of their trick would not survive. No time in history it did. Well, don’t count few glossy moments.

This philosophy is almost equally applicable for both individual and organization. We remember the example of Enron or today’s Destiny 2000 ltd. But unfortunately these examples don’t prevent us from walking shortcuts. Why is an another whole talk. But for today we must fix this. We must work this out.

Marketers have this problem of following shortcuts often. While creating hype is the job responsibility, following shortcuts should not be counted as a gruesome sin. Indeed we don’t. But time does take no duplicity. Everything has a price. And as a consequence we see mere hype falls apart by making the hype generator to sob.

iPhone sells itself. Why? because it does worth it. Translate your words into work. People will camp to buy your product.

And don’t take a free ticket, it’ll make you to pay double. Don’t take a fake way only because you can’t make it right.

In direct relationship with people who have achieved too much in life, don’t think they did it by mere cheating or in a easy way or by chance. You don’t know they worked hard for every bit.

Don’t think people are lucky or cunning. Don’t believe, behind all great fortune there is crime, literally. Judge it. Find the essence. Life is no shit fiction.

Well, there are both ways: the shortcut and enduring. You can take either way. But remember each way leads to very different destination.

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Ruhul Kader is a technology and business analyst based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Future Startup and author of Rethinking Failure: A short guide to living an entrepreneurial life. He writes about internet business, strategy, technology, technology policy, and society. He can be reached at

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