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Face to face with Fahim Adnan Khan, National President, Junior Chamber International Bangladesh

Face to face with Fahim Adnan Khan, National President, Junior Chamber International Bangladesh
Fahim Adnan Khan

Fahim Adnan Khan is 2012 National President of Junior Chamber International Bangladesh- the world wide youth platform for developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills. He is also a successful entrepreneur leading HR Active Limited and Bayanno Media & Communications Ltd. Under UNITAS Group where he is the Director of Marketing and Sales. For our generation change report Future StartUp talked with Fahim Adnan Khan on youth, changes and state of young entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. Here goes his views and thoughts on youth and other issues-

Future StartUp: Briefly tell us about yourself and your passion
Fahim A Khan: I am National President of JCI Bangladesh the platform where worldwide youth develop their leadership skills and entrepreneurship skills. By Profession I am a consultant working in UNITAS Group as Director, Marketing & Sales. I also lead HR Active Limited and Bayanno Media & Communications Ltd. under the UNITAS Group. I have finished my MBA from the University of Asia Pacific. Personally I am a father of a son. My passion is JCI activities.

Future StartUp: What is your perception and evaluation about our youth?
Fahim A Khan: Well, todays youth are dynamic, smart, Tech savvy, and well connected. They are becoming more independent and self-reliant by fetching their own decisions. Many of them are even taking calculated risks that was once unimaginable.

But then, growing number of youth are becoming discontent with life. What is alarming is that, a sense of unhappiness is prevailing among our youth. There is a clear problem with old traditional bondage that works as quandary in their way of personalized thinking. However, I think they should learn to be happy with even smallest things.

Future StartUp: How do you see the current changes happening around us pushed by technology, social media, and globalization?
Fahim A Khan: You see, the significant result of all these changes is, the world is now becoming more and more closer and national boundaries are becoming irrelevant. By availing more alternatives it has made life and business more cushy.

Now information is not any-body's monopoly. Everybody has the equal share in the pie named by information which was once impossible.

Now you can know almost anything just by a click. The power of individual in case of both, on his lifestyle and on his environment has increased in manifold. You can choose your lifestyle and even change your surroundings whenever you want.

However, there are also mentionable dark side of all these changes. With more options given a rise of consumerism and unquenchable demand is prevalent. Therefore, it's our choice whether we'll choose lousy options or vice versa.

Future StartUp: How do you see the influence of social media, technology and globalization on our young generation?
Fahim A Khan: There are both positive and negative influences. You see, all these technologies and social media is making our young generation more equipped and competent to face the challenges of 21st century.

It has empowered youth by connecting them with both people and information. As a result they are now in a more favorable position in terms of competitiveness.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency of being exposed to the unhealthy competitions among our youth. They always long for more shortcut roads to succeed in life. But the fundamentals of success in life says, only smart work in ethical way with full dedication can lead to sustainable success.

Future StartUp: Do you think our youth are getting enough scope to grow? If not what can they do to get?
Fahim A Khan: I think the answer is no, here window of  opportunity for youth is really very narrow. We still need a lot to do to give them enough ambit to grow. An appropriate and favorable environment where youth can exercise or experiment their innovative thinking, personal power and ideas is indispensable.
Concurrently, youth should know all ins and outs of a project to begin with and to make it successful.

Future StartUp: What do you think about the state of young entrepreneurship in Bangladesh?
Fahim A Khan: Well, good news is that, there is a growing statistics of young entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. It's quite positive that young people are becoming more and more passionate about starting something their own. However, I think this trend should be accelerated. I would like to add that, our youth should stop running after a job rather than doing something their own.

Obviously problems are there. And mindset is one of those problems. Still we think that, working in a multinational company is more prestigious than starting something our own. Our young generation and their parents should come out of this traditional and middle class thinking.

Moreover, initiatives should be taken to promote young entrepreneurship by government and other responsible stakeholders of the society.

Future StartUp: Do you have any prediction for Bangladeshi youth 5 years from now?
Fahim A Khan: I can see bright future ahead in 5 years from now. I  hope there would be a total paradigm shift in young mindset regarding what to do and what not and what they can achieve and what are their limitations.

Youth will divorce ongoing traditional middle class thinking and will start to do the things they love.

There will be a significant change in youth contribution to the development of our country which will ultimately change the speed of our development.

Future StartUp: Thank You for giving us your valuable time.
Fahim A Khan: Thank you too.

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