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What is Future Startup?

Future Startup’s purpose is to enable people to take initiative and make ideas happen. Our Website, Community Event, Support Center help people and provide deep insight, inspiration, ideas and stories to take initiative and make ideas happen. At FS our aim is to build an eco-system to promote and facilitate the idea of taking initiative, as we believe that’s how we solve critical problems and make progress, and to provide support, system, services and tools to make ideas happen.

Futurestartup.com provides deep insight, inspiring stories, and exciting ideas to start and make ideas happen. Future Startup media helps people to better understand problems and opportunities to take initiative in Bangladesh.

If you have a great story to tell which is relevant to us, or important information to disseminate, or useful knowledge to share you can write and tell us, we’ll happily work our heart out to distribute your story, information, and knowledge.

Contribution to FS is open to individuals and organizations. However, we need to do some sort of standard check to maintain quality, privacy, and authenticity of content.

How to contribute?

For Individual: Please send your story, article, perspective, news at : info [at]futurestartup.com

For organization: We go  into co-publishing and content partnership with Public, Private, and Non-profit organizations.

For contribution related queries please email us at: info [at]futurestartup.com

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