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Huawei Continues To Grow In Bangladesh

Huawei, the China-based 3rd largest smartphone brand in Bangladesh, has reported an unprecedented 232% inter-annual growth in sales between 2015 and 2016.

Although late to penetrate the market, Huawei has managed to build a strong brand image among fierce competition with the likes of Samsung, Symphony, and Walton in Bangladesh. Based on a report published by the Society for Consumer Research on November 2016, this Chinese Telecom company now possesses 14.5% of the total handset market share in respect of its volume and 19.1% with regard to its value in Bangladesh.

The 2016 year-over-year growth of 232% is mainly attributed to the launch of several flagship handsets, such as- Huawei Mate 8 and Huawei P9, which have been warmly accepted by consumers in both local and international market.

Huawei's growth in the local market is consistent with its global increase in revenue, remarked the director of Device Business, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, Ingmar Wang. According to South China Morning Post, it controlled 2.4% of the global smartphone operating profit share in the 3rd quarter of 2016 which amounts to $200 million.

Currently, there are 18 Huawei handset models including smartphones being sold at 300 brand shops and more than 3,200 sales point in Bangladesh. Within a short period of its market entrance, Huawei has become widely popular among customers for their attractive prices.

Bangladesh has been going through surprising changes in mobile handset usage in the past few years; particularly from 2013 when the market trend was fairly disrupted by an upsurge in smartphone sales. However, despite that, customers still remain fairly price sensitive in terms of purchasing quality handsets.

In order to tackle these challenges and competition, the company is focusing on manufacturing hi-quality products at more competitive prices while ensuring meaningful innovation.

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