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Announcing FS Talk On Building Things From Scratch: December 10, 2016

Registration for FS Talk December, 2016 -a signature event of Future Startup- is open now. We invite our readers, makers, entrepreneurs of all kinds to join us in a 3.00 hours long in-depth and intimate composition of participatory discussion, conversation and social mixing to dig deep the very idea of building a business in Bangladesh.

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Muhammad SMuhammad Shahin | Founder and CEO, pbazaarhahin
Muhammad Shahin | Founder and CEO, pbazaar

Story of December Talk

In December we will be listening to Muhammad Shahin and pbazaar, his story of building an ecommerce company from scratch without any funding in Bangladesh, and take part in his journey. We aim to make the event as intimate and participatory as possible unlike many big events where audience seldom get the chance to interact and get their answers.

The purpose is to understand trials, and triumphs of building a company in Bangladesh and understand the process. Unlike many events, we are looking to find people who are into building business, particularly internet companies, and people who take interest in the burgeoning tech space in the country.

Here is a rough run down of topics we aim to cover:

  • What does it take to start a company
  • How to validate your idea
  • What are the key challenges you face during early days
  • How to build a solid business without raising money
  • What does it mean by starting small in reality and how can you do it
  • Growth strategies for an early stage company
  • Building a great team
  • Developing process and systems as you go

The event will be highly participatory. Speakers will discuss their journey and perspectives and you will get to share yours and also ask questions.

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Muhammad Shahin, founder and CEO of pbazaar.com, is a successful entrepreneur. He has started a company from scratch, literally out of a garage, gone through the trials and struggles of building an internet business from nowhere in Bangladesh. He knows the bits and pieces of struggles and challenges a founder goes through and also how to survive those challenges. He will be sharing his story, answering questions from audience and discuss his perspective on building an internet business.

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When and where

The event venue is EMK Center and will take place on December 10, 2016 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Registration closes on November 30.

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This is a ticketed event and entry fee for our this episode is BDT 500. You can register here. The fee is simply to cover cost. We will deliver on every penny and some more.

You can make the payment through bkash (01963929006) or DBBL Rocket (015214966054). After sending the money please text or email your name, and the bKash number to 01963929006.

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Registration and seats

To attend the event, please apply here.

To ensure an engaging experience for all attendees, we've crafted this short application form so that we can tailor our program accordingly. Space for this event is limited: 30 people only. We will reach out to you by November 30 with confirmation.

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Partnerships and Questions

We are open to partnerships. For any query, please drop a line at nezam@futurestartup.com

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