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Introducing eCommerce Intelligence

With great excitement, we are announcing our first collection, eCommerce Intelligence: A monthly e-digest on Bangladesh’s ecommerce industry from Future Startup.

The monthly e-digest aims to bring in-depth, original reporting, analysis, insight and inside stories of the fast-growing ecommerce sector in Bangladesh.

Why Ecommerce Intelligence

In the coming years, e-commerce will define our shopping culture and overall retail business. While we have a host of e-commerce companies, a growing number of companies are also launching their e-commerce initiatives making the sector quite different and interesting. There are important startups, people, and trend to learn about. Here are a couple of facts about the industry to consider:

  • Bangladesh’s eCommerce is a 400 crore BDT market and growing. A total of 1.9% retail sales happened in this space in 2015, 51 percent of which are repeat customers. (PI Strategy report).
  • The current consumer demographic of E-commerce in Bangladesh is primarily made up of youth and female consumers (55%). The most prevalent age group that purchase online is 26-30 years [50%].
  • The Majority of the early adopters/consumers are either young professionals (44%) or university students (33%).
  • 83 % people prefer cash on delivery whereas 6% of customers pay via credit card/debit card and 6% of customers pay via mobile banking. [pi Strategy]

We have come to realize that there is a need for a deeper understanding of the sector and fresh and original reporting and analysis can inform entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholder to make better decisions and also help the sector to grow.

The monthly installation aims to tell stories of changes in this industry, publish original and thought-provoking reporting, insight, and analysis of interesting companies and people.

For this digest, we have two goals: 1) we want to understand and documents the state of e-commerce in Bangladesh 2) we want to understand, predict, and influence the future of ecommerce in Bangladesh.

As a mission-driven digital media publication, this is a project we are deeply passionate about and we look forward to exploring the sector.

Call for submissions

We are accepting articles, research, reports, and stories for the digest. If you have something interesting to share on the ecommerce industry of Bangladesh, please send to info@futurestartup.com. Deadline for submission for the next month’s issue is 20th of every month.

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23% of Bangladeshi internet users now shop online. In the coming years, the number is only going to grow. A new wave of ecommerce companies is now changing the way we shop and spend money online. Every day, something significant is happening in the space. New companies launching, old ones giving up, new trend emerging, and new technology shaping the future.

There is a lot to catch up. Whether you own, run, work, invest, advise or monitor today’s ecommerce companies and the sector, our eCommerce Intelligence digest helps you keep score. Sign up today, don’t miss anything.

Data: Pi Strategy, 2015

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