Local Ecommerce Search Engine Startup Chorki Launches Beta Version

May 16, 2015

Local ecommerce search engine Chorki, that states helping business and entrepreneurs as their main objective, launches a beta version today. While offering search as a core product the startup also says that it will provide ecommerce platform and allow people to open free ecommerce shop on its platform. The difference between Chorki and existing search engines is that, Chorki will remain a business focused search engine, especially for ecommerce.

The purpose is obvious, to serve growing ecommerce community in Bangladesh and while doing so building a platform model to accommodate ecommerce shops on its own platform which can be monetized later on. However, it is not clear yet, how the system will work and what is business model for the startup and how two contradictory models, search and own ecommerce platform, will work together without dictating search result.

Chorki is not the first attempt in building a successful bangla search engine; we have seen Pipilika to fall apart due to many reasons including a scrappy product. However, Chorki has chosen a specific niche and wants to be something more than search engine. We’ll have to wait few more months to see how it goes as the startup adds more features.

Editor's Note: Future Startup has reached out to Chorki, we’ll update this story once we get more.

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