Rocket Internet’s Food Ordering Service Foodpanda Raises US $100 Million In New Funding

May 1, 2015
foodpanda logo

Online food ordering service startup Foodpanda, which has operation base in Dhaka, today announced a US$100 million funding round led by Goldman Sachs Investment. This Rocket Internet startup raised US $110mm only in last March. This new funding will help the startup to boost and strengthen its operation base and spend more in customer experience.

Foodpanda has operation base in Bangladesh. However, it is facing intense competition from local startup HungryNaki. Although it provides home delivery services in Dhaka and Chittagong but many of its customers complain its service is far from satisfactory.

Started back in 2012, the startup now operates in 40 countries across five continents and often makes headline for eating up its competitors.

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